Handshake also belongs to job interview etiquette, illustation of a handshake of man and womanJob interview etiquette is a set of rules one should accept and follow in every single job interview. It applies for both job applicants and the interviewers.

We will have a look at the basic etiquette in this article. If you apply for a job in a specific region, such as Japan, Saudi Arabia, or China, you should do additional research, because what is generally accepted in Western world can be considered highly inappropriate in  one of these countries, and contrariwise.


Rules of interview etiquette

Come on time. If you think that arriving five minutes late for your interview is okay, forget the thought altogether.

Interviewers have a schedule for the entire day. Once you are late, you interfere with their plans. They either have to sacrifice a part of your interview (skipping some questions), or other job applicant will pay the price. Neither of that is good…

Turn your cell phones off. To answer a call, or just to let your phone ringing in an interview, shows how little the meeting means for you. What is more, the interviewers can take it personally, thinking that you do not repsect their work.

Listen to the interviewers. Many applicants think about something else while they interview for a job, or they answer a different question than the one we asked them. Many people will interrupt the interviewers in the middle of a sentence, and some job applicants actually try to lead the interview. None of that should happen to you, at least if you really want to get a job.

A male interviewer went over the line, asking personal questions. A job seeker protect herslef from further attacksNo yawning please. It doesn’t matter if you spent all night in the club, or working on your interview preparation. Yawning is considered a sign of tiredness, and little interest. If you feel like yawning, go and grab a coffee or energy drink before the start of your interview. And if you yawn anyway, apologize for doing that.

Keep some distance, avoid personal questions. Unless you are a communication expert and feel it appropriate to ask a personal question, avoid personal questions at all. This applies to both interviewers and job candidates.

Shave and take a shower. The interview is an important meeting (at least it should be important for you). Try to look good, take a shower, shave. Do not overdo it with perfume or anything else.

Let the employer to lead the meeting. You are in the room to listen, and to answer the questions. It is unethical to ask a huge number of questions, unless they already asked all they wanted, and gave you an opportunity to ask questions. Listen carefully, talk to the point, and wait wait for your chance to ask a good question.

Avoid illegal, racist, and other questions.  Keep it professional. Whether you are an interviewer, or a job candidate, you should ask only about things that really matter for the job. We live in a world of equal opportunities, and if you discriminate someone with a question, it can easily backfire.

Job interview is not a date. At the end of the day, interviewers (and job candidates) are only people. It is perfectly fine to wear something you look attractive in, but you should never suggest any meeting outside of the interview process, and if another party suggest such a meeting, you should always refuse.

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