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Handshake also belongs to job interview etiquetteJob interview etiquette is a set of rules one should generally accept and remember during every single job interview. It is a must if you want to have a chance to get a job.

Job interview etiquette is simply something that is expected from every single job seeker, and once you break it, your chances of being chosen for the job fall beyond the see level. In this article, we will try to summarize these rules, so you know what to avoid doing in interview.


Three well known rules of job interview etiquette

Be always on time. If you have ever had an idea that coming late will make you look like an important and busy person in the eyes of recruiters, forget it now and for ever. Interviewers have a plan of the whole day, and once you come late you have broken their plans. Even if they like you, and if your excuse is satisfactory, still they may not be able to do all the screening procedure with you, simply because you are late. So really, come always on time for an interview.

Turn all your cell phones, pagers, etc. off. To answering the phone, or letting it on during any kind of business meeting just shows how little value it has for you. And also, the level of respect you have to the person you are meeting. So for sure, ensure that nothing will blink or beep during the job interview.

Listen to the interviewer. Despite it may sound so logical, many applicants think about something else while being interviewed, or speak about totally different things as they should. Well if you want to ruin your chances, then this is  a way to go. But if you prefer to sign an employment contract at the end of the day, you should rather hold job interview etiquette and carefully listen to the interviewer.


Some not so known rules of job interview etiquette

No Yawning please. It doesn’t matter if you spent all night in the club or working on your interview preparation. Yawning is in general considered as a sign of being bored, or showing little interest. If you feel like yawning, go and grab a coffee or energy drink before the interview, to start you up.

Being too personal does not correspond with interview etiquetteDo not be too personal. Well, if you are an expert in the area of interpersonal relations and have the feeling that the recruiter might like to speak about something personal, you can try it. But in general, in ninety of one hundred cases, interviewers do not like when a candidate is too personal, and it is simply a job interview etiquette to keep the meeting professional.

Shave and take a shower before your job interview. It is amazing for me to see how many applicants come to undertake an interview unshaven. Come on, it is not so tough. It’s not only a job interview etiquette, but in USA and Europe a business etiquette in general. So, for sure shave before your job interview.

Let the employer to lead the interview. Job interview is a meeting with set roles. You are there to mostly listen and answer to questions. It is strongly unethical to give a huge number of questions to the interviewers and try to find out too much before they had a chance to ask you all the questions they wanted. Too interrupt a recruiter is also a big mistake. Of course, there will come a time for your questions. Just wait until it comes.


Job interview etiquette looks like a certainty for someone, but as you can see it is easy to forget on something. Please, keep these rules in mind. It is one of the cornerstones you can build your interview success on. Team from Interview Penguin wish you good luck!

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