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Ink pen as an image for interview thank youIt is a good idea to thank the interviewers for their time and consideration, ideally one or two days after the job interview. You should simply show them your appreciation and respect. Say think you for a chance you got in an interview, a chance to to present your skills and abilities… However, job seekers often have different intentions when mailing it to the recruiters – and you should have the same intentions. 

The main goal is to make the employer to see your name again, on the paper or on the computer screen. It will help him to refresh the memories of the job interview with you and could possibly give you some advantage over the other applicants who do not send a thank you note.


Writing a good one…

So, how to a good note thanking the interviewer, the one which will make a difference for you? Any form of interview thank you should fulfill the following criteria:

  • It should be professional. Employer and you are not friends, at least not yet. Hopefully you will become friends soon, but are not yet. That’s why you should keep your email highly professional, and avoid using any personal formulations or jokes.
  • It should be short. It is not another job application – you just want to say think you to a person you respect.  You should be able to summarize your thoughts and thank the interviewer in three sentences, maximally.
  • It should be somehow unique, if possible. Although not many job seekers use to send the thank you letters and emails, you will likely not be the only one… To use a standard form of a note or download the sample from the internet will not give you any additional advantage… Still it is better to send a standard form of it than nothing.


How to make your note unique?

You should try to attach a picture to it – for example an image with an ink pen written sign thank you should do the trick… Or even better, you can use some creative formulation when composing it. However, always keep in mind that it should stay professional.

You can possibly mention something you like on the way the employer lead the interviews. Use your imagination, I am sure you can make your thank you note unique.
Any form of thank you email is better than nothing. Please, keep it in mind and inspire yourself with our sample follow up email or other articles on

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