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Job applicant nervously sitting in an interviewWhile you are in the phase of interview preparation, you should not spend countless hours reading hundreds of articles about interview questions. You should rather try to find articles that are really related to the job you are just applying for. Interview questions for teachers are very different when compared to interview questions for call center jobs. This is the principle you should keep in mind.

In Interview Penguin, we prepared for you highly targeted articles, presenting interview questions and answers for various job openings. If you have not find your position in any of the sections listed below, please contact us. We will prepare a new article soon, to help you with your preparation for an interview.


Sections of interview questions and answers for different jobs

  • Interview Questions for Managerial Position – If you apply for a job of a manager, project manager, supervisor, director or even for an executive role, you should find the right questions for you in this section.
  • Interview Questions for Customer Service Positions – Section for all people applying for customer service, retail, call center, help desk or similar jobs.
  • Interview Questions for Administrative Positions – Are you applying for a job of a secretary? Or is a medical assistant a job of your dreams? Find out what questions are used in an interview for various forms of administrative and office work positions.
  • Interview Questions in Famous Companies – This section is devoted for people who apply for a job in companies like Google or Microsoft, where the number of applications exceeds the number of job openings by 1000 to 1.
  • Interview Questions for Healthcare Jobs – Doesn’t matter if you apply for a position of a nurse or want to be a physical therapist or perhaps a pediatrician. You will find the interview questions for your job in this section.
  • Positions in financial sector – We all live in an era of money. Well, it’s hard to admit it, but it’s true. If you are looking for a job in a bank, or desire to be employer as a corporate accountant, you will find all the needed information in this section.
  • Interview Questions for Teaching Jobs – Questions for principals, assistant principals, elementary teachers as well as personal trainers are all included in this section. Feel free to inspire yourself before your interview.
  • Interview Questions for Other Positions – If you are facing an interview for a job that does not match any of the previously mentioned sections, you will most likely find the interview questions for it in this section. Positions like marketing, human resources, flight attendant, lawyer but also nanny or firefighter and many other are including here.

So that’s it. We hope you found your position in the list. If not, we constantly work on adding new content to the site. Please feel free to contact us, so we can prepare the list for your position also. Are you in front of some college interview? Check our college interview section. Or, if you already know what to answer, but wonder HOW to answer it, have a look at this article.

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