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It is an important question to answer before your interview… Well, it is essential to have a job at first place, that’s for sure… But to be only able to pay bills is not a lifestyle you should aim for. You should know your price on the market, and you should get paid for your knowledge, skills and experience.

However, if you approach this issue too aggressively, you can loose your job. To loose a job in current economy might be compared to a disaster. That is the reason why you should know how to negotiate a better salary offer and not only go and ask for a higher rate. We prepared for you a simple guide. Follow this guide and you shoudl be all right.

If you are already employed, jump to how to ask for a raise guide.


How to negotiate better salary – guide from a pro

Man does not know how to negotiate salary and is too agressiveStep 1: Recognize your price on the market.

Before you even start to think about salary negotiation, you shoudl know how much you can ask for. I recommend you to search the internet and discover how much do people earn in average, having the position you are applying for. There are various benchmarking sites where you can easily get this info after submitting your own salary for the statistics

Also, you should try to understand your situation better. If your position can be easily replaced by anyone, and there are hundreds of applicants who can do the job for lower wage, you are not in a good position to negotiate anything… On the other hand, if your qualification is unique, or simply you find out that it would be hard for the company to replace you or find anybody else for the job, you have more room for your negotiations.


Step 2: Realize, when the time is right for salary negotiation.

To think about better salary after being employed on a new position for two weeks is not a good idea. You have not proved your abilities yet, have you? There are in general two best occasions when you can negotiate salary:

  • The job interview – before you sign the contract, you still have the chance to change this “important” “detail”. But the right time to negotiate salary is only after they choose you for the job. We talk about this issue more in general salary negotiation tips article.  They like you, they already decided for you. That means there is a value in employing you and employer sees this value. It’s definitely a good moment to try to negotiate a better salary or making a counter offer.
  • After you achieved something in your job – If you achieved a good result, or simply did your job well for at least six months, it’s time to negotiate your salary. In such a moment, they already know what you mean for a company and also understand the profits you helped to create.


Step 3: Negotiate your salary the right way

How to negotiate salary effectively is a question of good manners and communication. If you just come to your boss and say him to give you a better salary of you leave, you will be fired

You should simply always mention that you like this job… Secondly, you should mention what have you done for the prosperity of the company during the last year or last six months.

Just after that, the time is right to mention that you would like to get higher salary, or simply to ask for a raise.

Know your price, pick the right moment and do it a right way. We wish you good luck with your negotiation!

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