A beautiful cruise ship on the sea. We can see blue waves and blue skyMany people dream of working on a cruise ship. Navigating the seas, visiting new places, spending time with rich people, and get a decent monthly compensation for doing that, cruise ship doesn’t seem like a bad job….

But how can you start working on a ship? Where should you apply? And what will happen in an interview? We will try to answer the questions in this article.

Before we look at the step by step guide, you should know that you do not need any special skills, or even previous working experience, except of knowing at least two languages.

English and German, English and Spanish, and sometimes English and one of the Scandinavian languages is a perfect combination. You may sometimes do with one language, but in such a case you will need to ace your interview….

Step by step guide – from your home to cruise ship

woman is searching information about cruise ship jobs, making a phone call to one of the recruitment agencies that specialize on these positions.Step 1. Visit the web pages of cruise ship companies and apply for the job.

There are more than ten big cruise ship companies operating around the world. All of them companies have their corporate websites, and with some of them you can apply for a job online.

Fill the job application, enclose your resume, and do it in a right way. What is the right way?

On your application, you should stress that:

  • You are used to spend a lot of time out of home, and you never feel homesick.
  • You are used to listen to the orders, and like routine repetitive jobs.
  • To work on a cruise ship has always been one of your dreams.
  • You can speak the languages they desire, on a good level.
  • You have at least some experience related to this job (a chambermaid, waitress, etc).


Step 2. If you can not get a job directly with the cruise ship company, look for recruitment agencies that work with these companies.

Many companies will outsource their recruitment, and there are at least seven recruiting agencies that specialize only in cruise ship recruitment. Look for the agencies that get a one time fee from the employer, agencies that won’t take a cut from your salary each and every month. If this is not clearly defined on their website, call them and ask.

You should apply at few agencies at the same time. Job search is a game of numbers, and waiting for a final reply from one agency can easily jeopardize your plan to start working the upcoming summer.


Step 3. Try to use your connections.

Personal referral is an easiest way to get a job on a ship. Polish your address books, check Facebook profiles of your former schoolmates, talk to people. Is anyone working on a cruise ship? Did anyone work there before? They may hand you a helping hand, or at least a phone number of someone you should call to….

You should always try this, especially if you fail to get a job directly with the company, or with an agency.


A woman talks to a cruise ship manager, trying to get a job of a chambermaidStep 4. Ace your interview.

One you finally get a chance to talk to the HR manager, or an agency recruiter (cruise ship interviews are often done online, on the phone, or on Skype), you should try to get the most of this opportunity.

Prepare for the common interview questions, speak with enthusiasm, show them the value you can bring to their team. The following article on Interview Penguin will help you with your interview preparation: