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Career options - choose your directionTo find out what to do in life is something we all have to think about, at least once. Work is a major part of our daily life. We spend in average fifty hours a week in work or traveling to it. When the human life is functioning this way, we really should choose our career very carefully. But do people really do so? If they did, than an average American citizen would not change his career four times in his life…

Anyway, it does not mean that every one of us makes an incorrect decision when deciding about a career he would like to have. As we get older, our priorities change. We simply decide to do something else, from various reasons. But what is the secret in the early age? What shall we think about in the beginning of our working life, or ideally before it to make a right decision? There are several methods how to do so. Let’s have a look at it so you can decide about your future career and dreams.

Method one: Rational method of choosing a career

This method is mostly for people who consider work as necessity and simply work in order to enjoy life when they do not need to work. Said in other words – work hard during the week and enjoy the weekend and the retirement.

Rational method of career choice consist in asking yourself few clear rational questions, without any emotional aspect. Concretely, it goes about the following questions:

  • With my education, experience and skills, what kind of jobs am are able to do?
  • What do I prioritize in life- to earn more money or to have more free time?
  • How much do I need to earn in order to be able to enjoy things I like to do in my free time after all the bills are paid?
  • What are the job opportunities in our city?
  • Do I prefer to work for someone or be my own boss every day.


Asking these sort of question, you will identify certain ensemble of jobs that fulfill your rational requirements. That means job you can realistically get, you will be well paid in and you will feel at least quite good at.


Career assessment and other scientific methods

However, as you probably guess, rational method is not very complete method. Human life can not just be judged that easy. People also have some goals in life, emotions and desires. There is where career assessment comes into place. Deciding about the job purely scientifically, that’s what career assessment is all about. Please read more about this method, it’s advantages and disadvantages here: Career assessment free.

Within few hours of time, you can understand yourself better and find out what career or job you really deserve to have. Do not let your parents or friends to take this important decision for you. You should choose your career on your own, always.

Anyway, we believe that neither the rational method, not the career assessment are the right ways of choosing the job. Sometimes you simply should listen to your heart and identify a job which fulfill the following criteria:

  • You will enjoy doing it every day for a long time
  • You will see meaningful purpose in doing it – it will make you happy every day
  • It can bring you sufficient amount of money to have a decent lifestyle
  • You realistically can get this job, or you are capable of improving your skills and knowledge to get it later
  • You will be good at this job and receive enough recognition for doing it. Feeling of recognition is very important for your overall feeling of well being


There is a perfect article dedicated to the topic, called What job is right for me. Just follow the steps outlined in the article and the career selection should not be a problem for you anymore.

As you can see, there are various approaches to the question how to choose a career. Also quite a business has evolved around all of these career counseling, assessment centers and the like.

For some people, these paid advice is really helpful and can change their lives in a positive way. It’s up to you to try it. Or you can figure out your golden way by yourself.


Do not set limitations for yourself

At the end of the day, it is very important to not limit your choices. It is the sad fact that so many young people have so limited point of view on their own possibilities in life. I mean, it’s not only about having a job nowadays. There are many other interesting opportunities, such as:

  • Become a professional athlete. There are hundreds of thousands of professional athletes all around the world. Why couldn’t you become one of these athletes? For sure you can, if you are young enough and determined enough.
  • Start your own business. To give the others a chance to work, to help the local community and to simply be the owner of the company is a great feeling. If you have the guts, you should give it a try. Our government supports fresh entrepreneurs – with various grants.  Investigate this option more in detail and think if this way of life is not the right one for you.
  • Start a freelancing career or work from home. There are literally millions of freelancers who wake up when they want, work when they want and work on tasks they want to work on. Also you can become one of these guys. Interpreters, writers, web designers. All these guys enjoy the freedom of their career.

Your answer to your true calling should have no limits at all. Do not look too much at your education or at the current situation in your life. With strong motivation and determination, you can become whoever you want to become. It’s just the question of persistence and will…

PS: Check also career planning section or inspire yourself with other sections of InterviewPenguin devoted to career advice and development.

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