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The quality of your life should raise in time, or in the worst case stay at the same level as it is now. So when we speak about unstable economic climate, high level of inflation and other related factors, you really should know how to ask for a raise and get it.

It can be very stressful and also risky, but you should try to get a raise when the time is right for that. You deserve to live better life. And for better life, better salary is needed… Money is important, doesn’t matter what they say.

There are different approaches to this problem of a raise. Some employees simply go and inquire a raise, without even thinking about it. They do not think about any strategy whatsoever. They simply do it.

Some of these brave people get better salary and some of them get a “nice” dismissal. We believe that this is not exactly a risk-reward scheme. Especially if you are older, you should not risk to be fired.

It may easily happen that you won’t find a job after that. But on the other hand, to work for the same salary for years is also not fair. It is not fair because prices and living costs are increasing and so if for any other reason, you should get a raise for this.

Employers are not stupid. They know that the employees should get a raise after some time and they also are aware of the fact that living costs increase all the time. They have resources allocated in their budgets for this purpose. However, these resources will be spent on your salary only if you ask the employer for a raise and if you do it well. In order to do so, we prepared for you several simple but golden tips. Please, think about it for a while before you decide to ask for this raise.

How to ask for a raise tips from professional recruiters

Choose a right time.

If your boss is in a bad mood, or your department is struggling, or the whole company is in a process of downsizing, it makes no sense to negotiate a raise.  The same rule applies to busy hours of your business, especially if your boss is in a middle of some important activity.

Just think about it. If your boss is concentrating on something important for him, he is simply not in a mood to speak about the salary. You can not just knock the door and start the talk in this moment.


So what is the right time to ask for a raise?  Well, it is not dependent only on the mood of your boss and the overall climate in the company. It is also more about your personal contribution in recent time and simply about your role in the company. Try to look at your situation without any emotions.

  • Did you do something extra in the last couple of weeks?
  • Have you recently achieved a goal or completed a difficult project?
  • Is your relationship with the boss prospering at the moment?

If you answer yes to all the questions and the boss is in a good mood, that’s the right time to go, give it a try and get it. It is as simply as that. There will come a moment when the stars are in the right compilation. Just wait for this moment and take your opportunity. With salary negotiation it is a bit different story, but that’s not our topic right now.


Find a good reason for your move.

Anytime you come and ask for a boost, employer will ask you why do you want to get it. You should have good arguments prepared for this discussion. However, do not try to play with his emotions. Mentioning that you have four kids to feed is not a good idea… In most of the cases, he’s not really interested in that, regretfully. You should show him rather how long you have been in the company, what you have achieved lately and what is the last time your salary increased.


You should try to show him the value you have for his company. If you persuade him that your value is considerably higher than the salary you get at the moment, he should agree with your raise proposal. But if you are just hanging around and have not achieved anything special lately… well, it will be difficult to negotiate even a negligible raise. If it is a case, you should simply refer to the economic situation. Mention the inflation rate, increase of your living costs and simply tell that you should get a better salary because of it. If your boss is in good mood it may happen.


Try to create a friendly atmosphere.

Not only in this situation, when we speak about how to ask for a raise, you should in general try to have good relation with your supervisors and people in HR department. It does not mean to be a yes-men or to inform against your colleagues. It simply means to be nice to them, listen what they tell you to do and give them honest compliment if they deserve it time to time. They are also humans and have their preferences. If you work well, show respect and loyalty to the company, they will offer you a better salary without giving you any extra questions.

The budgets of big companies are bigger than you can ever imagine. These institutions always have a room for a raise. Once the atmosphere is right, and you show them the reason why you should be granted it, they will agree with that.


How to get a better salary is not so complicated anymore, is it? You just need to pick the right spot, provide a logical reason and have a good relation with the person that decides about it.

To learn more about salary negotiation, check also how to negotiate salary or salary negotiation tips. These as well as other articles should help you to understand the point of view of the employer better and make your efforts successful.

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