Woman is thinking about good answers to interview questionsEmployers need to understand why you apply for a particular job. This question became very popular in the job interviews especially nowadays, when job seekers apply for multiple offers at the same time, leveraging the advantage of job boards.

What not to say?

To say that you are unemployed and want any job simply that you need this job NOW is not a good idea for an answer. Employers do not want to hear such an answer from you.

Oppositely, they are looking for a good reasons, good from their point of view. and logical  from your point of view. What does it mean?

Well, they want to hear the reasons that indicate your interest to work for the company, your motivation to do the job, the added value the company can gain from hiring you and so on.

It’s similar with other tough questions, such as what motivates you? or why do you want to work for us. Let’s analyze several answers.


Correct answers to why do you want this job interview question


I read the job description very carefully and studied the website of your company, in order to understand what you do and what you need and will be expected from me.

I realized that I am a perfect applicant for this job, as I fulfill all the requirements.


To refer to a job description is definitely a good idea. This job applicant talks about his suitability for the job. However, we advice you to use this answer only if you really fulfill all the requirements and know what is expected from you. Let’s look at another one:


To do what is expected from administrative assistant makes me happy in my daily life. I like to have a routine work and that is why I want this job.


Another good idea is to refer to the working duties. Employers are always looking for employees that like their job and their daily routine. That is the only way how to be good at it. Focus on this in your answer and do not forget to mention the specific duties you like to do in job. Employers will be delighted with your answer.


I like your company, the products and services. My family buys your products regularly and we are very happy with the service. It will be an honor for me to work for a company like this one.


Honest compliment will never hurt you in a job interview. If you have a brand preference to the company, you should definitely mention it. You can also refer to something about the company culture or working environment, if you like it.
However,  you should be ready for additional questions, if you decide to use the previously mentioned formulation. Another one is below.


My potential was very limited in my previous job.My strong skills and expertise can take the whole department to the next level, if I get chance to use it.

I really believe that your company can benefit from having me in the team and that is why I want this job. Of course, to realize my potential in a healthy environment with a possibility to grow is very important for me also.


Employers prefer this type of job applicants. Job applicants who think firstly on the company and just then on themselves. Present yourself in this way and interviewers will love you and you will have a good chance of getting a job.

Why do you want this job is not such a difficult question. All you have to do is to answer it honestly and answer it the way the interviewers like it. Show the enthusiasm, show the passion. It is the best way how to win the hearts of the interviewers and answer this question.

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