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Building of a college where interview takes placeOnce you finished your bachelor degree and decided to continue your education at other institutions, you will need to undertake the admission interview, where all these tricky graduate school interview questions are waiting for you.

Well, the simple truth is that most of the educational institutions prefer to give the place in the graduate study program to students who finished the bachelor degree there, at the same school. The number of open spots for undergraduates from other schools is always limited. Set of some standard and some tricky graduate school interview questions helps them to determine who the right candidates for remaining spots are.

To help you with your preparation, we put together a list of five most commonly used graduate school interview questions and also suggest you some good answers to all of these. Please, do not read the list too quickly. Take your time, think about all the questions and try to find your answer. It would be a huge mistake to just copy our answers in your graduate school interview…


Five most typical graduate school interview questions and answers

Why did you choose our institution?
To answer that the original school or some other school where you wanted to study rejected your application is for sure not a good idea (though it might be the real reason). To answer this questions correctly, you should spend some time looking at the courses and lessons available in the program you are just applying for. Then pinpoint some things you like about it. The study program or a “school prestige” (if it has any), are the good ideas to stick to when answering graduate school interview questions related to the selection of institution.

Why should our school choose you?
After they investigated why you chose their institution, they would like to know why they should choose you. It is logical and you should have a good answer ready for this situation. The key is to present value added you can bring to the school. Can you represent the school at some events? Do you have creative ideas? Do you conduct some interesting free time activity the school can anyhow benefit from? Think about it and try to find the reason why the school shoudl offer you a place in study program.

What do you plan to do after (if) receiving your Master Degree?
Good students (at least from a point of view of admission board) do not study at the University just to enjoy the secrets of student life, or just because they like the subject of study. You should present a clear vision of your career, or at least a job you are aiming for. Listen, it does not have to happen after. The key is simply to have this vision and present it when responding to graduate school interview questions about your future.

What did you like the most and the least in your undergraduate study?
We all like something and do not like something. You should remember one golden rule when answering this questions: Do not touch the sensitive points. All school have some weaknesses and strengths. However, if the weakness of this school is the lack of technical equipment (they may have high quality professors though), it will be a mistake to mention that you did not like the level of technical equipment at your previous school. The key is again to find out something about the school, and as said before, do not touch the sensitive points.

What do you like to do in your free time?
Free time is often questioned in graduate school interview questions, as the way you spend it effects your studies significantly. Best answer you can offer here is to spend your time reading the publications related to your studies (mention concrete names of publications if possible), or to do some body or mind beneficial activity (sports, courses, part time job). This will help to finalize the perfect picture of you as a potential student of the graduate program.


Think about the presented questions, find your answer, the honest and good answer at the same time. If you manage to do that, you will be chosen.
If you want to enhance your knowledge even more, check college interview questions or spend time reading other parts of this website. We wish you good luck!

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