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group of young firefighters doing some testsI want to be a firefighter! Who of us did not have this dream while being a child? Helping the others and fighting with the elements of nature is really something you can find only in the job of a firefighter. However, once we grow older we start to understand it is not that easy to become a good firefighter. Not only that you will have to give correct answer to countless firefighter interview questions. You will also have to demonstrate a good physical condition and mental stability at the same time.


Firefighter interview questions put under test your true motives, but also all your abilities that are so crucial for a good firefighter. And even if you pass this part of selection process, there still we be a psychometric tests and physical tests in front of you. But do not be afraid. Your dream of becoming a firefighter can come true.

As a good first step towards it, use our list of common firefighter interview questions to practice. And if you are not satisfied with one of your answers, well, work on your abilities to be able to provide better one next time.


General firefighter interview questions

  • Why have you decided for a career of a firefighter?
  • Is or was anyone from your family working on this position?
  • Have you even performed a job of a firefighter before?
  • Tell me something more about your previous experience.
  • If you should decide three natures of a perfect firefighter, what would it be?

The interview usually starts with easy questions, exactly like mentioned before. After these initial understanding of your intentions, background and personality, interviewer comes to more targeted questions.


Job related firefighter interview questions

  • How fast can you run 100 meters, 400 meters and one kilometer?
  • Are you afraid of heights?
  • Can you swim? How well? What is your time on 1000 meters?
  • Do you do any sports?
  • Have you ever caught fire?
  • Have you ever participating on a process of putting out a fire?
  • Have you ever been seriously injured?
  • Are there any diseases or illnesses that should restrain you in your job of a firefighter?
  • If the house is in fire and you know that there are some people inside of it. Would you go to try to save someone, although it will be a risk of your own life?
  • Have you ever given a first aid to anyone?
  • Have you taken part in any form of accident in your life? How did you feel in that moment?
  • How long do you plan to do a job of a firefighter?


After the initial questions you will easily answer, some tougher come into the place. Well, a job of  a firefighter is not an easy one. Sometimes you will need to stay awake for more than 30 hours and sometimes you will have to do tough decision. Also physically, it goes about a difficult profession. All of the mentioned is examined in the interview using the above mentioned and similar firefighter interview questions.

Practice with the list, get ready and ace the interview. In fact, it’s dependent purely on you if you make the dream of becoming a firefighter come true or not.

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