Example of data structuring as one of the possible data structure interview questionsAmount of data being extremely high in every big corporation causes the need to store them effectively. To be able to locate, use and operate any data from system when it is needed is one of the key processes of IT infrastructure in companies.

Asking various data structures interview questions, companies try to locate the right people to do this job for them. One one side, it is a very important position and companies approach the interviewing process cautiously.

Usually, a specialized IT recruitment company is hired, at least to prepare an interview template together with list of data structures interview questions and right answers to them. In fact usually, the 3rd party company will be responsible for whole recruiting process.

So do not expect to get this job easily. You really should know your stuff. Anyway, let’s have a look now at some commonly used data structures interview questions. It can help you to be better prepared to ace your interview and have a job.


Commonly used data structures interview questions

  • Why did you decided to look for a job in data structures?
  • How would you test the efficiency of a newly implemented data structure?
  • Why do you think data structures is important for our company?
  • Can you define your approach and philosophy in data structures?
  • Please, give some examples of non linear and linear data structures. Define advantages of both of these.
  • How it is possible that computers are able to store and fetch data in any place in the memory?
  • What is the main difference between the array data structures and record data structures?
  • What are the requirements of the implementation of a typical array data structure?
  • Are you able to name any scripting languages that lack the support for data structures?
  • What mean a tagged union when it comes to data structures?
  • What is almost complete binary tree?
  • Are you able to code a program (in any language) to compare two linked lists of data?
  • Is there any way to declare the existing structure of a linked list using C?
  • Are you able to classify the Hashing Functions based on the various methods by which the key value is found and defined?

I hope it is clear from the list, that the data structures interview questions will not be only theoretic. You will also need to demonstrate your coding skills (computer will be likely available in the interview), philosophy and not on the last place the understanding of how the employer can benefit from your work when it comes to tangible results. If you manage to do all of this, you should get a job. If not… well, they will choose someone else.

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