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Career counselor having a session with his clientIs a man who tries to help you to find the right way, not only in your career but also in your daily job. It is a person who knows you very well. It is a man you can always give a call, to discuss any kind of work related issues.

Your relation with a career counselor should not be only a professional one. Professional relation combined with personal friendship is the right combination here. If it is so, you will be open in your communication with your coach and he will be also absolutely open to you.

Such a mentor shows you things you are unable to see by yourself. Mostly it goes about your own desires and dreams, but also problems, prejudices and complexes you are unable to admit.


The development of your relationship with a counselor

Usually the first thing a career coach does with you is to talk about you. You should also try to know him better, to build a trust. Speaking together with you about work related situations from the past, but also about common daily things, the counselor tries to understand your personality. Usually it starts slowly and the career coach is asking mostly what have you done in particular situation.

In time as your relation evolves, the career trainer asks you more about your feelings and emotions in particular situations, trying to understand why you took the actions you took. After some time, he is able to see things you are unable to see, and knows very well what makes you happy in daily life.

He should also know what your true core values are, what are your strengths and your potential. Counselor always see in you more potential as you are able to see and that is exactly his added value.


What does a counselor do with you?

Woman contemplating where to move in their careerAfter several initial meetings, career counselor should be a person on a call, you can always give a ring to when you feel bad or need an advice. Many clients develop such a good relation and trust with their counselors, that they to discuss personal problems, not only to speak about the career.

Beside these phone calls, there are scheduled meetings with your coach. It is done usually on a weekly or twice a month basis. During these meetings, you go through various situations that happened in your job, try to find the reasons for your behavior and also sometimes your job counselor is there just to support you in the decisions you are not hundred percent sure about deeply inside.


Relationship for life

People who made the right decision and chose the suitable person as a counselor, often speak about relation for an entire life. They did not only find a coach for their career, but also a good friend… And that’s maybe the true goal of a high quality career counseling.

Hopefully you will be lucky enough to find such a relationship also. It can make your life so much better… Find out more about how to choose the best career for you in other articles on

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