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Business analyst is a crucial employee in every organization. To analyze how the business in functioning and finding the weak points of it is a first step towards improvement. The questions in an interview for this position target mostly two areas:

  • Abilities that you need to have in order to be a good business analyst. Particularly speaking about patience, analytical thinking, independence, imagination, etc..
  • Your practical knowledge of business analyze, methods and approaches used there.


In order to help you to prepare for a job interview, we put together a short list of commonly used business analyst interview questions. Read them one after one and try to answer, exactly like in a job interview. Such a practice should help your confidence and finally improve your odds of getting the job.

List of the questions

  • What fascinates you on a job of business analyst?
  • Can you name three key character abilities of a suitable person for this job?
  • Describe what methodologies you use while performing your job?
  • What do you think is the main goal of business analyst in a company?
  • Case study task: Imagine you start a job of business analyst in our company from tomorrow. What will be the first and the second thing you will do?
  • Try to analyze this job interview up to this point. You have five minutes to prepare your analyze of it.
  • Do you know what is Kano analysis and when we use it?
  • Define BCG matrix and when it is used in business analysis.
  • What requirements management tool do you use in your work and why have you chosen that tool?
  • How would you define quality measures in our company?
  • From your point of view, a business analyst shall be an expert in which area – marketing, finance or technology?


In fact, there are also more specialized roles, especially in huge organization. Latest you can find many openings for business process analyst, system analyst, risk analyst and similar positions.

Speaking about interview questions for this kind of jobs, they’ll be pretty similar to what we present above, just more targeted to the particular area of expertise. We hope that our list of questions helps you in your preparation anyway.

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