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Interview Penguin, a unique internet project developed by a group of recruiters and interview coaches, aims to help job seekers with their interview preparation, career development, salary negotiation, and other career related areas.

One competes with dozens of people for every single job opening nowadays. It is not easy to ace an interview, to stand out from the crowd. However, we hope to help you succeed and sign a coveted job contract.

The website is updated regularly, as we keep adding new articles and interview tips.

Please choose the appropriate article from our selection:


If you did not find what you were looking for on our websites (for example interview questions for a specific position), please contact us to let us know. We will try to add a new article for you. is growing all the time, as we try to help as many job seekers as possible, all around the world. Check the About Section for more information on our project, mission, and traffic stats.


Learn from us today, meet us in your interview tomorrow. isn’t a commercial project. However, to cover our domain and hosting expenses, we offered an advertising space to a few partners, whose products we have tested and believe that they will help the job seekers to attain their goals. We do not advertise any product or service that we haven’t tried, or created on our own.

Finally, we would like to thank you for visiting our website. We hope you will enjoy your time with Interview Penguin, improve your interview skills reading the content, and finally get a job of your dreams. See you in an interview! Team

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