McDonald’s. A brand everyone knows. The biggest franchise business in the world. Some time ago, it owned more land than Bill Gates, or the Catholic Church. That’s not an easy feat to achieve! Regardless of what you think about the food they serve McDonald’s, one thing is certain: McDonald’s is a success story, and a brand for history books. And if you asked a random successful manager or entrepreneur which three jobs you should try in life, as a form of school on how to run a business, and also as an experience that will teach you a lot about yourself, no doubt many will say flipping burgers at McDonald’s. And this is definitely one of the more creative answers you can write on your job application, or use in an interview, when they inquire why do you want to work for McDonald’s. What else can you say?

Well, you have several good options. One of them consists in explaining how the jobs fits your current life situation. Perhaps you still study, need some extra cash, like the flexibility it offers. Or it is your second job (hopefully not, but many of us need two jobs to pay bills). Another option is saying that a friend recommended you a job, for whatever reason–working conditions, interesting learning experience, camaraderie with colleagues, etc. At the end of the day so many people work at McDonald’s that you should know at least one personally too. Last but not least, you can also opt for honesty, saying that you have no particular preference, since with your working experience (lack of it), you cannot really choose much, and most low wages jobs are pretty similar. You apply with McDonald’s simply because it is a big name, and they advertise vacancies in your area.

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers now. You will find on the list answer for each option I mentioned, plus also couple of unconventional answers. Remember that job at McDonald’s isn’t something super special. You do not need to come up with some groundbreaking unique answers to succeed. As long your answer makes sense for the hiring managers, and they sense some motivation in it, they will give you a chance to prove your words in the job. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “Why do you want to work for McDonald’s?” interview question

  1. I just feel working at McDonald’s is one of those experiences everyone should have in their life. First of all, to experience the great system of processes you have in place, the system that made this corporation stand out and become what it is today. And secondly, it is a hard and honest job, something good to motivate someone like me to study hard, so I do not have to do the job once I am in my forties or fifties, and it will always remain just an important student experience. That’s why I want to work for you, and gain this experience.
  2. The part time job at McDonald’s fits perfectly my current life situation. Bills keep piling up and I have a young family, and cannot really do with one job only. That’s why I applied with you, to get a second job, in the afternoons and at weekends. What’s more, the job location is just one short bus ride from both the place where I live, and the place where I do my first job. It is extremely important for someone like me, with two jobs, no car, and little free time, so I do not waste more time than necessary commuting to work.
  3. I got a recommendation from two friends who worked here before. They didn’t idealize the job, and said it was a hard work, but they also praised the management, the camaraderie with colleagues, and the vibe of the place. What’s more, there are always customers at McDonald’s, and you have always something to do. This is something I like, since in my experience time really flies at work when you always have things to do. On the contrary, when you just sit or stand idle, the time drags on and the shift seems endless. That’s never going to be the case at McDonald’s though!
  4. With all honesty, I do not have any particular preference. Everyone knows McDonald’s. It is a company that isn’t going to bankrupt. As long as you work hard, you have great job security, and can get promoted. In my eyes all good. At the same time though, the salary or employment conditions are more or less the same as you’d find working at any other fast food restaurant in the city. You advertise the vacancy in my area, and I decided to apply. Have positive associations with the brand, and meet the job requirements. That’s basically it from my side.
  5. I want work for McDonald’s because I hope you will give me a chance. Been to prison for two years, went out a different man. Even though I have decent working experience, in most places they won’t give me a chance, because of the mistakes I made in the past. But as far as I know, and according to what I heard from a counselor in prison, McDonald’s gives an opportunity to felons, and basically you give a chance to everyone who’s ready to work hard. I like such an policy, and you can be sure I won’t disappoint you in the job.
  6. My answer may surprise you, but I hope to run my own branch of McDonald’s one day. Not in this city, do not worry, I won’t become your competition. But I have in my eyes an area with great potential, and I know that one day I will make this dream come true. To start with though, I’d like to work here, eventually change positions, understand the operation from different angles, perhaps become a manager later on, and so on, while still studying. I just feel the jobs fits the bigger picture for me, my long-term career goals. That’s why I want to work for McDonald’s, and not for one of your competitors.
  7. To be completely honest with you, this isn’t exactly my dream job. But I have to be realistic about my chances. Everyone needs a job to earn a living. I dropped out of high school, had my share of problems. Didn’t get any working experience, and my resume is almost a blank sheet of paper. What I try to say here is that except of my honesty and desire to change something in my life to better, I do not have any competitive advantage. The only job I can realistically get is a manual job, for minimum wage, just like the job here at McDonald’s. But I do not feel bad about my situation. I simply accept things as they are. This is what I can do now, and who knows, maybe I will work as a manager here in two years, and things will look much brighter.

Ready to answer this one? I hope so! Do not forget to check also all McDonald’s interview questions, and I wish you best if luck in your interviews!


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