There comes a point in life when we have to make our own choices. For many people choosing their field of study is the first big decision that they actually make. Parents still have they say, sure, or at least they tell you their opinion, and make suggestions. But at the end of the day it is your choice whether you go for Math, Biology. Social Work, History, Nursing, Management, IT, or any other study you will eventually pursue. This decision will impact the rest of your life, and you should not take it lightly. People in school admission committees and those leading interview with future students are well aware of it, and will often inquire (either on the application form or in the interviews) why did you choose this field of study, instead of another one. But what do they want to hear from you?

First of all, they want to hear (or at least perceive) some enthusiasm. Some passion for the study, for your future, for life. Because no study is easy, and if you go to a high school or university just because everybody else does so, or because your parents told you to do so, you’re chances of becoming a great student and having an excellent career later on, are rather slim. Secondly, they want to hear some realistic arguments. For example that you like a certain field or subjects because you excel in them, or even better, that you have a dream job or dream business you want to have in the future, and the study you pursue is an excellent springboard for such a career. Another good alternative is opting for a rather philosophical answer, and making them think…

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers right now. I’ve tried to put together a nice mix, including some common (though certainly not bad) answers, and also some atypical and original answers. Of course, there are dozens of possible fields of study, and you may not find in my short selection one which mentions the field you want to pursue. But I still hope that the sample answers will give you some inspiration, and after reading them you’ll have a good idea about your own, unique answer to this question. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “Why did you choose this study” interview question

  1. I chose IT for my study for several reasons. First of all, I’ve always excelled with computers, and I’ve always enjoyed programming. Secondly, I still see a bright future for this field, especially with the AI emerging trends. And last but not least, I dream of having my small game design studio one day. Studying here is an opportunity to improve my skills in the field, connect with like-minded people, and all in all I see it as a best possible way of getting closer to my dreams.
  2. Before anything else, I chose this place for my passion for nursing. Spent a lot of time in hospitals when young, and know what a difference a good nurse can make in one’s life. On the top of that I’ve always felt the urge to help others. Nursing is an ideal field for me really. But I chose this study also because your school has an excellent reputation, and I also love the area, and the opportunities it offers when it comes to after-school activities. All in all, I cannot imagine a better study for myself, and hope you will give me a chance to prove my words.
  3. To tell you the truth, I hope to continue a family tradition. My grandpa was a lawyer and my father is, and while it isn’t an easy career to have, I believe it is better than most. Because at the end of the day nowadays you have to work hard in any field. As a lawyer you at least make a lot of money and can have a great lifestyle. Of course, many people here will tell you about how they dream of saving lives and turning around lost cases in courts. But I prefer to be honest with you. I believe to have what it takes to become a great lawyer one day, and I like the life prospects this career will give me. That’s why I chose law for my study.
  4. In all honesty I am simply realistic about my chances. It isn’t hard to get into this study program, even with the GPA I have. At the end of the day, the name of the school you attend does not determine the level of success you’ll attain in your career. And you will find better and worse teachers at every place, including this one. I live in this area, and won’t have to stay at the dorm while studying here, which is also a big plus for me, since I do not come from a well-off family. Anyway, I like your study program, and will be glad to get a chance to study here.
  5. Scholarship is the answer. I know I meet the requirements, and have a good chance of getting the full scholarship here. For me, it is the only chance how to study medicine, my dream field of work. Of course, you never know what the future will bring and many things in the world are uncertain at the moment. But people will always need medical attention and help, regardless of whether we are in war, or in peace. As a medical professional I can always find a job, and do a service for our society. Getting a scholarship and studying here will allow me to do so.
  6. I chose this study because your program is an excellent fit for my busy schedule. With a child and a job, I cannot really attend a normal study program. I have to study distantly, with exams only on weekends. And I just love that with you I can take 90% of the lessons online, and still earn a normal degree at the end of the program. It is the flexibility your study offers that really makes it stand out in my eyes. But I like the curricula, the teachers (based on their profiles) and everything else as well. All in all, I cannot wait to start.
  7. Did I really choose it? And do we really make any choices in life? Or do we simply decide as we have to, considering what we know, what we’ve heard and done in life up to this point, and of course taking into account the circumstances of the moment? Maybe this study has chosen me, and not the other way around. When a moment come to make a decision, I immediately chose you. Because that’s where my life has taken me, and I believe I could not really make any other choice at that moment

So that’s it. I hope you like the answers, and at least one of them gave you some inspiration for your own, unique answer to this tricky question. If you’re still not sure, I suggest you to check 7 sample answers to similar interview questions:

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