Enjoying time with our friends is one of those things that make our life beautiful, or at least tolerable :). It is sometimes hard to say why exactly interviewers use this question, and what they want to hear from you. But you can face this question in job interviews, school admission interviews, and while filling in all sorts of online questionnaires. So, what do they want to hear, or read from you?

First of all, they hope to hear some enthusiasm in your voice (or deduce it from your writing), when you are talking about friendship. People who have friends in their ordinary life and enjoy spending time together are typically great colleagues and classmates, since they tend to foster equally good relationships with their new connections, be it at school or at work. And that’s important for every person responsible for the selection process of applicants: to choose someone who will bring positive energy to the team, and not someone who won’t interact with others or even worse, who will hate their new colleagues or classmates.

Secondly, I suggest you to talk about positive activities that promote your mental and physical health. Think sports, going to cinema together, enjoying nature, learning new things, and so on. Maybe you love getting wasted in clubs with your friends every Friday. And while there isn’t anything horrible about it and millions of people all around the world do the same thing, it isn’t exactly something you should talk about in the interviews

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to this question. I tried to come up with some variety, answers fitting for both men and women, answers for younger and older people, and also an answer or two for those who do not have (m)any friends. I hope at least one of the answers will resonate with you and help you find the right words for your own, unique response. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “What do you like to do with your friends and why” interview question

  1. I love doing sports with my friends. Especially playing football, but also going for a hike, or playing a tennis match. It is great to meet together and do something for our bodies, and than have one beer or coke together after the match. I am lucky to have several good friends in my life and many connections, and I also hope to get to meet new interesting people at your school.
  2. The thing I like the most to do with my friends is going for trips. Taking a flight somewhere for the weekend, or a train. Getting to know new city, or a new mountain range. Practice languages, go sightseeing, spend some good time in the hostels–you name it. Of course, I also enjoy just going for a nice cup of coffee and talk, sharing our problems and pleasures, trying to help each other. Overall I am quite blessed in life with some really good friends, and I am truly grateful for it.
  3. Well, to be 100% honest with you, at my age there’s not much time for friends. I have two kids and while they already go to school and have their friends, I still try to spend time with them, and be a good mother. You know, helping with homework, taking them to sports, making sure they have at least one good hot meal every day, and so on. I also want to say that I have a great husband and an excellent marriage, and am super happy with spending time just with my family. Or at least the majority of it. But this doesn’t mean I do not have any friends… I have people I can rely on and people who can rely on me. Just we do not do that many things together anymore, but that’s just fine, because when one of us needs help, we have each other back.
  4. I am more of a lonely wolf to be honest. Love learning to play musical instruments, watching documentaries, going running. For these things you do not need a companion or a friend, and since I try to manage my time well, and handle part time job, school, and also all my hobbies, sometimes it is easier to organize things for my own, and not trying to involve other people, who also have their own schedule and duties. But I want to assure you that I am a good companion, and sure enough my new colleagues will enjoy talking to me, and perhaps we can also do some activities together. If they like running as I do for example, we can certainly do it together.
  5. Just normal stuff everyone does with friends–going for a dinner together, watching movies, calling each other, sometimes sharing vacations. For me, the most important thing is to be a good friend, someone people from my circles can rely on. It doesn’t matter that much what exactly you do together. As long as you feel well together, and the connection is there, any activity is great! Or at least that’s how I see it.
  6. To tell you the truth, I do not have friends. Have moved to this country just recently, and haven’t yet had the time to get to know the locals, at least not on a personal level. But I sincerely believe that attending your school I will get a chance to make some meaningful connections, and become friends with some of my classmates at least. Sure, I have some friends back home, but since they are thousands of miles away, we do not really do anything together. I want to stress though that I am no misanthrope and I am not depressed because of the situation. Changing a place of living, one always faces these challenges. I accept them, and I sincerely believe that in a year from now, my answer to this question will be quite different.
  7. We mostly visit each other, together with our kids, over the weekends. You know, kids play, we talk, or watch TV. Sometimes we go for a hike together. My closest friends have similar life as I do–they have jobs, families, they are pretty busy. That’s why I am grateful for any moment I can spend with them, even though there are other people around. In my opinion, our connection with other people–be it family, friends, colleagues, or anyone else, is the most precious thing in life. And that’s why I try to foster good relationships and people from my circles can always rely on me.

So that’s it! I hope you enjoyed the answer, and know now how to deal with this interesting interview question. If you’re still not sure though, you can also check 7 sample answers to other, similar questions:

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