Friends. People we can rely on, people we enjoy spending time with. Those we con confide in, those who won’t betray us when things get rather rough in our life. Life would be quite empty without friends, or at least that’s how I feel. However, how well do our friends really know us? And, are the things we are known for among them indeed the things that characterize us? What’s more, when it comes to a job application or an interview, shouldn’t we rather focus on something else, while trying to make a great impression on the hiring managers?

These aren’t easy questions to answer. But I will try to help you find the answers. Because certainly things we are most known for among friends are not always the things the hiring managers want to hear. Maybe your friends love you because you are a really funny guy, and are in for every party. Or you are most known among your group as that girl who can easily win a heart of any man. Or simply that you are an excellent cook, good companion, etc.

And while all these things are nice and certainly give color to your life and friendships, they won’t necessarily form the best interview answers. Answering this question in an interview, you should focus more on personality traits¬†you are well known for among your friends. Especially positive personality traits that will make a difference in the workplace. For example that they consider you reliable, great listener, someone who always gives his best effort to every activity, and so on.

Of course, you can also add something more personal to your answer, or even funny, just to make it sound authentic. Another idea is pointing out a skill that should help you in your new job. As an example, if you apply for a job of a cook, you can say that your friends know you are someone who always has an amazing dinner ready when they drop by… Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers now. I tried to come up with some variety, and hope that at least one of the answers will resonate with you, and help you come up with your own, great answer. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “What are you most known for among your friends?” interview question

  1. I am known among them as someone they can always rely on. If they need help, if they find themselves in any situation of emergency, they know that they can call me and I will do the best for them, regardless of the circumstances. Also they know that I will be on time, and when I promise to come to a meeting, I will be there. My friends mean a lot to me, but I try to have this attitude in whatever I do in life. To always try my best, and to make sure that other people can rely on me, be it my friends or colleagues.
  2. They know me most for always coming up with some creative ideas. People always keep telling me that when I go out with them, they are sure the evening won’t be boring. But it isn’t because we get drunk or do some crazy stuff. It is simply because I like to explore new places, try new things, venture into the unknown. I feel that my friends know me well for this, and it is definitely something I hope to carry with me into the workplace. Because in my opinion, creativity and new ideas are more important than ever in today’s world of marketing.
  3. Frankly speaking, I do not know. Because while I have close bonds with my family, I do not really have many good friends, real friends. Sure, I hang out with different people from time to time, and I try to be a good companion. But I am rather introverted and not that much talkative, and it is hard to say for me whether the people I spend time with will have anything specific on their mind when you inquire them about me. If you want, I can give you a phone number of a few of my friends and you can tell them my name and see their reaction.
  4. Probably my ability to problem solve. I try to stay humble, but it is a fact that I’ve bee through many different experiences in my life. It helps me to problem solve, to take the best course of action, to come up with the good when it matters the most. What I try to say here is that when I am with my fiends and we encounter a problem–be it getting lost in the mountains, missing the last bus, or simply not knowing how to progress, I am the one they wait for to come up with a solution. And typically I do come up with on.
  5. I think my friends love me because I am a good listener. You know how it goes with women–everyone has so much to say at the table, but sometimes there is not anyone who can really listen, meaning listen with interest, understanding, and compassion. Well, in the group of my friends, I am that person. And I believe this ability will help me in my future career of a psychologist, because at the end of the day, before anything else a great psychologist is a great listener.
  6. I am known among them for my workaholic attitude. You know, that guy who arrives to the dinner one hour late, because he stayed three hours overtime, or because he worked on some report at home, report to be delivered the very next day. It is perhaps not the best reputation to have, but my friends still like me. When I eventually arrive, I am a good companion and we enjoy spending time together, learning from each other.
  7. Without bragging, I would say my leadership abilities. When a group of people meet, for any reason, one person in the group always has to take on the leadership role. In our group, it is me. But it isn’t because I force it. It is simply because I always keep the interests and needs of other people on my mind, and kind of make the best decisions for the entire group, taking into account the needs and desires of everyone involved in the activity. For that reason my friends let me take on the leadership role, and I gladly do so.

So that’s it. I hope you now know what to say, or at least I gave you some ideas, something you can build on once preparing your own answer to this tricky interview question. In any case, I wish you best of luck in your interviews, and you can check also 7 sample answers to other tricky interview questions:

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