Tell me about yourself–sounds like an easy question in an interview. And sure it is, if you’ve already been on this planet for some years. Got some degree, worked somewhere, started a business, experienced relationships. But what if you are just a student, a dreamer, who still only hopes for a good future, or perhaps doesn’t even have any plans yet? How should you deal with the question in this case, when you have to answer it in an interview, or on some job application form? We will try to find the answer on the following lines.

First of all, when there’s no past to talk about, you can always focus on the future. Tell them what you’d like to achieve in your life, what career you’d like to have, and ideally connect it with the job you try to get right now, or study program you try to get into. And do dare to dream! If young people and students cannot dream anymore, who can?

Another alternative is talking about your personality, family, and hobbies. Instead of talking about what you have done in life, tell them who you are, what you like, and who inspires you. In this case, your main goal is to show them that you have some life, that you are excited about it, and perhaps that you have the kind of personality that fits the job, or the school where you try to get. Last but not least, if you have some favorite quotes, that sort of characterize who you are and what you believe into, you can use them to introduce yourself in a creative way. Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers right now. I hope they will give you some inspiration, and help you succeed in your interview.


7 sample answers to “Tell me about yourself” interview question for students

  1. I am just a normal student, dreaming of earning a vet degree one day, and perhaps starting my own clinic in the city. Have been doing what I could to make this dream come true up to this point, and the interview with you is another step on my journey. While I do not study or volunteer in a local animal shelter, I enjoy going for a walk with my friends, or watch some insightful documentary on YouTube. I have lived in this city for all my life, and am blessed to have a great family who supports me. If you’d like to know anything else about my life and studies so far, do not hesitate to ask.
  2. Jerome here, high school student, and super excited to try to get my very first job in life. I hope to finally start earning some money to support my family, and to help finance my own studies. In my free time I enjoy playing basketball or piano, depending on whether I feel I need some physical activity or rather some activity for my soul. Not sure what exactly I want to do with my life yet, but graduating from high school is the key, and then we will see, what doors I have open to me.
  3. My name in Anabel, I am a history student and history freak, spending almost all my free time reading history books and documentaries. Currently I have a boyfriend who support me in my efforts at school, and I am also blessed to have two good friends, girls I’ve known since childhood. I think that I would love to teach history one day, be it at school, or in some other form. But of course you never know what life has in stock for you, and I am definitely open to other opportunities as well.
  4. “The greatest glory in living lies not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall.” The quote characterize my journey perfectly up to this point. I struggled as a student, had to drop out, had my problems with wrong people. But I didn’t let the bad things that happened to me break me, and now I stand again on my feet, ready to give life another shot, and finally finish my education, to have a chance for a better future. But will you give me chance?
  5. Marty here, 19 years old, passionate athlete and music lover, and a dreamer, because I dream of making a professional career in one of these fields, though I know how hard it is to breakthrough, and that only 1% of those who try do actually achieve it. But I have no doubt that a scholarship with your college would be a step in the right direction, and sincerely hope that my application, athletic results, and my answers in this interview will convince you to grant me the scholarship.
  6. Jeanie, 18, just another student who’s worried about the future of our planet, and hopes to contribute in some way to saving it. Because, at least in my opinion, that’s the most important mission of our generation. It isn’t to travel the world, or make great career in this or that field, or some scientific breakthrough, though no doubt our parents and their parents lived such dreams, and it made sense. But the problems we face right now as society need different dreams and leaders. Can I be one of them? I certainly aspire to become one, and the studies here can bring me one step closer to my dream.
  7. I am just a normal student, with average GPA, excelling in Math and Physics, and struggling with History and English. Have to older brothers, both of them already working in research, and it is something what I also think about when it comes to my future. But I have not decided yet, and in all honesty I look forward to studies here, to meet new people, broaden my horizons, and all of it should eventually help me decide about my future.


Final thoughts for a perfect answer to “Tell me about yourself” question for students

Remember that you are still just a student. Nobody expects you to reinvent the wheel, or come up with some groundbreaking introduction that will leave your interviewers speechless. On the contrary. Just try to be normal, honest, and positive about your future. If you can somehow connect your introduction with the job you try to get (or the place in a study program you apply to), do so. But if you cannot, or prefer to focus on something else, it is all right. Be yourself, open up, and speak about things that matter to you, whatever it may be. That is enough for an excellent start to your interview, and for an answer to this particular question. I hope it helps, and wish you best of luck in your interviews!


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