A popular story says that several former American presidents started their careers one day flipping burgers at McDonald’s, or delivering newspapers. Maybe it isn’t a completely true story, but the moral is clear: Manual jobs make sense, they teach you humility and working habits, and almost everyone–unless they are born in a golden cage–the rich parents’ kids, has to start with them. McDonald’s is the staple here, the most famous franchise in the world, the Godfather of all fast food restaurants. Getting a job there isn’t hard, but obviously you have to say something. You cannot remain silent in the interviews, hoping for a miracle…

One of the questions the hiring managers (or the online robots, since we already live in this doom age of artificial intelligence) will always give you is the “Tell me about yourself” question. But what do they want to hear from you? Now my answer may surprise you. Giving you this basic question, they do not care much about what you say. What they care about is HOW you say it, how you introduce yourself. They want to hear some enthusiasm in your voice, and get an impression that you do not apply with McDonald’s just because you’re broke, or because you do not know what to do with your life, or because you failed in all your interviews for better jobs.

They are looking for positive people who enjoy teamwork and communication, and people who understand that each job makes sense, and that working for McDonald’s is nothing to be ashamed of… Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to this question. Remember though that they are here just for your inspiration, and that your tone of voice, non-verbal communication, and energy you bring to the interview matters much more with McDonald’s than the actual words you pick for your response. Anyway, enjoy the sample answers, and good luck in your interviews!


7 sample answers to “Tell me about yourself” McDonald’s interview

  1. Hi, my name is Heather, I am a high school student, looking to make some extra money, and gain some working habits, which will hopefully help me down the road to get a better job, and also to be more productive in whatever I do. I would love to do weekend shifts because that’s when I have the free time and prefer devoting it to work than to partying or to doing nothing. I am enthusiastic and communicative and believe to be a great fit for a place like McDonald’s.
  2. Hello, I am Marc, 29 years old, going through a bit of crisis in my life, and trying to get back on my feet again. I am physically fit and hardworking, and enjoy belonging to a diverse team in a workplace. Since I do not have much to show for on my resume at the moment, I thought McDonald’s could be a great restart for my professional career, and help me get back on track. Overall I have experience with manual work, I can work fast, and am motivated to give this my best shot.
  3. John here, the biggest McDonald’s fan in the city. I love nothing more than enjoying a juicy burger in the afternoon, in a place like this, where I can rely on the taste 100%, where I know what I am paying for and what I am getting. Obviously looking for my first job, I’d love to work in a familiar environment, supporting a brand I like, and perhaps even getting a free burger here and there. What’s more, the working hours fit me perfectly, and I live just a few blocks from here so the location is wonderful too.
  4. Amy here, 57 years old. It is hard swallowing it when they tell you they do not need you anymore in your present job, and you have just few years left to retirement. Obviously as everyone in the US, I have bills to pay, kids, divorce, you name it. I cannot really afford staying jobless for a long time. And while I have already secured one part time gig, it isn’t enough. That’s why I am applying with you here at McDonald’s, hoping to get a chance to prove that age is just a number, and that I can be a valuable member of your team. In my free time–the very little I have, I enjoy reading books or walking at the riverside, trying to keep my head clear.
  5. My name is Lim, and I dream of running my own McDonald’s restaurant one day. Probably you meet many similar kids in the interviews, but I want to assure you that I am different. When I set a goal to myself, I follow it with all my heart and best effort 100%. Working as a manager at McDonald’s would be a great stepping stone for me, the “university of life” I need to attend if I want to run my own place one day. And since I am hard-working, learn quickly, and excel in communication with others, I believe to be an excellent match for the job.
  6. I am just another kid from the street looking for a chance. You know, I made my mistakes in the past. Played hard, took risks, won some and lost some, spent some time in jail. But I learned my lesson and I want to take a different path in life now. Working legally, earning money, saving money, and hopefully one day become a manager here and perhaps stay with McDonald’s for many years, because I love that you give a chance to people like me. That’s my story in short, please if your interested in my hobbies or anything from my past, just ask.
  7. I would characterize myself with these 5 words: reliable, motivated, enthusiastic, humble, and hungry. Just starting out my professional career while still studying, trying to get that first entry to my resume. Many famous people and leading figures started one day at McDonald’s. This place has a history, an amazing story of the founder, it has a place in American culture, and the brand has, in a way, conquered the world–if you pardon me calling it in such a way. Anyway, I cannot wait to start and hope you will benefit from my strengths here!

So that’s it! I Hope you’re ready to introduce yourself properly now, and get that job with McDonald’s. To improve your chances even further, I recommend you to check the following two articles as well:

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