Future together… What an expression! In the world when employee loyalty is just an empty phrase, and every second marriage ends in a divorce. Regardless of whether you face this question in a job interview, or while trying to register with some dating website, or anywhere else, it doesn’t make much sense. In the uncertain times we live today, perhaps the best philosophy is living in the present moment. At least as long as one wants to stay mentally sane and enjoy the little time allotted on this green planet.

But how to deal with this question? And what do the interviewers want to hear? Or the potential partner asking you the question? We will try to find the answers on the following lines. As a rule of thumb, you should have a positive outlook of the future. Or at least you should show such when answering this question. That’s the most important thing. Second, be it in a corporate or personal interview, you should try to find some common goal, some common direction you and the organization (or your future partner) can take, and will both benefit from. And last but not least, you should try to show that you are a loyal person, and once you make a bond with someone else (again be it a person or an organization), you do not quit when the first problems arise (because they always do arise, sooner or later).

Let’s have a look at 7 sample answers to this question now. You will find on my list answers for both the corporate and the dating sphere, including more serious answers, less serious answers, philosophical or even funny answers. I sincerely hope that at least one of them fits your situation, and can serve you as an inspiration while penning your own, unique answer to this tricky question. Enjoy!


7 sample answers to “How do you see our future together?” question

  1. I see it very bright. What I see is my thriving on my position in the company, and from that position helping your company to thrive, and to become the leader on the market. And I also see me climbing the corporate ladder, learning new things, and every year giving more and more to my employer. This is how I see our future together. Do not get me wrong though–I am not an idealist. I know it will be a bumpy road, and we will face some issues. Maybe I won’t like some duties in the job, and maybe the organization won’t always give me the recognition I deserve. But such things happen in any corporate job, and one should be able to see the bigger picture, and get over them.
  2. Well I see it as incredibly interesting, especially for me, since I really like your organization and no doubt will enjoy this job. And I also see it as long-lasting, since I believe marketing is my calling, and I have no plans of changing my field of work whatsoever. Of course, we never know what the future will bring. I may become a mother, you may end up bankrupt, or the world may end as we know it today and with it our relationship will end too… But until one of these things happen, I enjoy wearing the pink glasses and seeing a bright future for the two of us.
  3. In all honesty I do not think we have a long future in front of us. Look, this is an entry level job, and relatively badly paid. And I am a fresh graduate, with a blank resume… Everyone has to start somewhere, and while I am with you, I want to give my best in work day in day out. But I am not gonna lie to you, saying that I see us staying together for years. On the contrary, in a year or year and a half from now I already hope to work for one of the big 4 companies, and you’ll have somebody else on my position. But to me it seems just fine, and exactly how things should go with these types of jobs.
  4. Our future together? Four kids, two houses, luxury holiday every two months. But for that to happen I first have to win in a lottery. More realistically, I imagine a normal relationship with its ups and downs, and each of us trying to respect, or at least tolerate the mistakes of the other person. Because that’s what relationships are about eventually–compromises. I am definitely ready to make them in order to make our future together better, and I hope for the same attitude from your side.
  5. I see our future as humanity as highly uncertain. We definitely face lot of problems, and it is uncertain who will eventually survive, and who will move to the other world–if such thing as other world does exist… But what I also believe in is individual responsibility. To make the world better, you have to start from yourself. And that’s exactly my idea of making our future together better. Trying to impact what I can impact from my position, and accepting what I cannot control
  6. Our future together? Well, arguments on a daily basis, you finding a lover, me escaping the house to go to play football or drink beer in a pub whenever possible, and kids growing up in just a seemingly functional family. Or perhaps we can make it different. Together we can. Together we are strong. As long as we manage to identify mutual goals, and will try to follow them day after day.
  7. I do not see any future for us. Being 100% honest with you, I am not here to find a serious or a long term relationship. Let’s enjoy today, and we will see what the future has in store for each one of us…

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