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woman in eye catching interview blouseIn the process of interview preparation, you have to decide what to put on. It is for sure not the most important thing to do, but you know how ti goes in life- sometimes the seemingly unimportant details decide about the success and failure. Therefore, you should not underestimate the importance of your interview attire.

We have already devoted several articles on this website to the topic of appropriate interview clothes, and outlined some special tips and tricks when it comes to dressing for an interview. But now, when speaking about what to wear when you go there, we will simply give you several hints and tips you can easily use when wearing any kind of attire. so here we go:


Simple tips to interview clothing

1. Be who you are.

Do not change yourself just because of a job interview. If you prefer bright colors, wear bright colors. If you love to wear black clothes, wear black clothes. Clothes reflect one’s personality, doesn’t matter if we realize it or not. You should be yourself, also when speaking about the clothes.


2.  Wear something you would not be ashamed of wearing when doing a daily job.

Wear clothes you could wear to the job. If you apply for a job of a teacher, wear something you will take on when teaching. If you are applying for a job of car mechanic, then calmly wear clothes you would not be ashamed of to lie under the car. And of course, if you apply for a position in a company where certain dress code is prescribed, wear clothes  according to this dress code.


3. Wear something that can help you to be spotted in the crowd.

We live in an age of average people. Khaki pants and blue shirts are a best option to wear to an interview if you plan to make it through the selection process. You never know what is in front of you. Group interview is commonly used nowadays. To have something that will catch an eye of the recruiters (of course in a positive way) is a right choice.


4. Choose an attire you will feel comfortable in, but also attractive.

We people have complexes. It is a key to put on something you feel good and attractive in. Otherwise it may easily happen that you concentrate more on what the interviewers think about your clothes than on the questions they are giving you… And if this happens, your chances of getting a job are gone for good.


5. Do not put too much emphasis on what to wear to an interview.

Once you think about it too much, trying various combinations of skirts and blouses and suits, it will just make you confused and nervous. Pick the first clothes you have been wearing recently for a similar meeting and felt good in, and you are done.


6. Do not forget to iron your clothes.

This might sound like a matter of course, but it is not. We live in a fast past era, and our clothes can easily get creased. Although for 95 of 100 recruiters it will not be important, for 5 it will matter. And maybe you will meet one of them in your interview… so be careful to ensure no one will make an incorrect judgement about you just because you did not iron what you decided to wear to an interview.

Small details can often make a big difference. Interview clothes are such a small detail. Be picky, but do not let it get over you. Follow our simple steps regarding what to wear to an interview and make the right impression…

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