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What to bring to a job interview is a great question. While vast majority of candidates brings nothing, or maximally their own resume, you can actually do way more to increase your chances of getting a job. You just have to think outside the box and make some extra effort.

When thinking about what to bring to a job interview, try to imagine how the classical interviewing process. You will be asked various questions about your back ground, education, working experience, but also realistic achievements from your previous jobs.

So you should simply bring anything that will support your application and back up your statements. Think about it… To say that your last boss was extremely satisfied with your results is just a statement. But once you say this and hand to the interviewer the personal reference from the boss with his signature and phone number, it gives your job interview entirely new dimension. We composed a list of things you should definitely have with you anytime being interviewed.


What to bring to a job interview to make a difference?

1. Your actual resume and the cover letter.
Responsible recruiters should print your resume prior to the job interview. But what if they didn’t do so, from any reason? The resume will not make any special difference in the job interview. But it is simply a thing you have to bring with you.

Bag laptop and documents is what to bring to a job interview2. Your working portfolio
Working portfolio, often also called as interview portfolio, is your golden nugget. Is a presentations of your accomplishments and achievements, presented together with pictures that demonstrate your skills. Working portfolio will help the interviewers to imagine better what you have done before and why they should love to have you in the team. What more, less than 5 percent of ob seekers bring a portfolio to the job interview. So you gain a good competitive advantage. Learn more about the preparation of this document in interview portfolio article.

3. Personal references with telephone numbers.
To speak about the satisfaction of your previous employers are just empty words, unless you have something to disclose it with. To bring personal reference from previous employer can easily win you the job. Especially if there is a phone number and interviewer can call this person after the job interview. You say that your employers were strongly happy about the added value you brought to their companies, but you forgot to ask the reference? Well, in that case you can bring a list of your achievements, coupled with phone number where potential employer can verify this. Be creative, and always have some references with you.

4. Good mood and wide smile
when thinking about what to bring to a job interview, many people leave the most important item at home – their smile and good mood. Smile creates smile and smile creates good mood. And deals are always closed only in a good mood. Always bring your honest smile to the interview with you. It is the most important thing you can not afford to forget home.

All these items that can be labeled like what to bring to a job interview, you will easily put into one small handbag. So why not to do it, if it can bring you the coveted job contract? Think about it…

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