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What questions to ask in an interview, in order to make the right impression on an employer? And are there any questions you should rather avoid, to not ruin your chances?

It is not a secret that job applicants should ask some questions in the interview. Doing so, they present certain level of interest and enthusiasm for the job. And without these two elements, you can hardly walk away a winner.


So what questions to ask in an interview an employer to get the job at the end of it?


Question 1. What is the working environment in your company?

This is an easy answer if you are looking for what questions to ask in an interview. Employers love to speak about company environment and culture. So do not afraid to ask about it.

Question 2. What is the vision of your company in long term horizon?

This is quite a good question again. Companies always think long termly, and especially managers love to speak about the goals and vision of the company. Plus it gives you an extra advantage, to demonstrate later, how you could contribute to help make this vision a reality. And that is something what is going to boost your chances of getting a job.

Man is thinking about what questions to ask in an interviewQuestion 3. Can I do something extra to support my application for this job?

Showing extra motivation and effort shows that you are really serious about this job and that you are one of those guys willing to go extra mile. Get the extra points while they are still available. Often, employer may say that providing any references or preparing something may be beneficial.

Question 4. What questions to ask in an interview, Can you tell me something more about concrete duties I will have in the company if you choose me?

Giving this question, you once again present yourself in the good light. Yes it is you, the employee who is interested in his duties and targets first. That’s the sort of people employers in general look for.

Question 5. What is the next step of the selection process?

Once the interview is over, it is a good idea to sustain your interest, by asking this question. Doing so, you send to interviewers the clear sign, that you like what you have heard in the interview and still want to proceed with your application. Anyway, it is good to know when they let you know the decision, isn’t it?


Now have a look now at what questions to not ask in an interview

Man avoid asking personal questions in an interview and got a jobQuestion 1. What is the remuneration at this position?

Doesn’t matter how successful your career is and what position you apply for, you should always keep in mind that the best candidates never speak salary. Best people know that once employer understands the value in employing them, the offered salary will be more than satisfactory. While being in the interview, concentrate on the value you can bring to the company. Once they see your value, they will offer decent contra value.

Question 2. How is your wife and kid?

Well, maybe this made you laugh a bit. But believe it or not, there are some people who ask this question in the interview. In USA it is not so common, but I have heard it interviewing people in various other countries.
While some interviewers might like personal questions, the truth is that in 9 of 10 cases, asking about the family will worsen the odds of being chosen.


So to conclude it, what questions to ask in an interview?

Basically, you should keep your questions professional. Avoid asking personal questions. Focus of work related questions. And for sure avoid any questions that may confuse the interviewer or make him feel embarrassed.

Last rule to to remember when deciding what questions to ask in the interview is this one: Stay natural and wait for the right time to give a question. If you pay attention and listen carefully to the interviewer, you will notice the right spots to give him a question. Once this moment come, use some of the questions from our list. Good luck!

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