What Motivates You Interview Question

What really motivates you to work, and what you should answer to this question, are typically two very different things.

Most of us work for money. We need them to live and to support our loved ones. Honestly, just very few people would go to job if they did not get paid.

Needless to say, money is rarely a good answer to this interview question. The only exceptions are if you apply for a simple manual job, or for a job in sales (your salary depends on the number of sales you make each month), or for a high-risk high-reward job, such as a manual labor on an oil rig in the sea.

For all other cases you will need a better interview answer. The samples below should help you to prepare one.


I like to be active, to move, to work outside. The nature of the job itself motivates me (applicant tried to get a job on an ecological farm).


To relate to the nature of the job is a good answer. Some of us prefer to work in an office, some of us outside, and some from their home. If your preference matches the possibilities a job can offer, you have a good interview answer ready.


I like to see the results of my work, how the products we create together help people in their everyday life. Seeing this connection motivates me to work hard (applicant for a manual job in an automotive industry).


Connecting the value of the final product of your work with motivation is not a bad choice. Show the employer that you see the connection, and understand why people come to work in their company.


I like to learn, I like to develop my business skills, and learn the ins and outs of operating the company. I knew there is such a chance here, and it motivates me to try to get this job, and to do it well (applicant for an entry level role in a big international company).


To say that the learning process motivates you is a good answer for most entry level jobs, especially if they offer career growth possibilities.


I love to be around people, to feel the sense of integrity, of belonging somewhere. To achieve great results as a team motivates me to try my best every day in job (applicant for a barista job with Starbucks).


Good answer for small business environment, retail jobs, or any other position where you will work closely with other team members.


Before you use one of our samples, or talk about the money, think for a couple of minutes about the position you apply for. Read the answers one more time and think which one make sense for your interview


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