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How to answer what motivates you in workMotivation is an important factor in every job. It make no sense to debate this fact. Therefor, while applying for a job, employers need to understand your true intentions and level of your motivation. Interview questions abut your motivation  became a common part of screening interviews nowadays.

Let’s face the reality… Most of us work for money. We need money to live and we need a job to earn money. It is not so difficult, is it? However, it’s not difficult either to guess that money do not represent the best answer to this interview question about one’s motivation….

Employers are looking for a little bit different intentions on your side. To help you understand these motives, we prepared for you a list of good answers to this question, coupled with explanations. This should help you to understand the point of view of the employers better and get ready for this interview question.


Practical examples how to answer what motivates you


I am an active person. I can not imagine my life doing nothing or just lying somewhere. The work itself motivates me, since I really like to work.


In general, people are lazy. It is not a secret for any employer. That is the reason why this answer is good, as the job seeker represents himself as someone who likes to work and feel bad if he is not working. Would the employer believe such an answer? He would, if you present yourself as an enthusiastic and full of energy person in the interview.


I like to see results of my work. When I see that myself or the product I helped to produce serves someone and makes him happy, it’s very satisfying for me and motivates me to work hard every single day.


This applicant decided for another answer. He tries to impress the employer with his understanding of connections. You know it: If I clean the streets, the people feel better walking down the road. This is a very nice approach why you choose a job and there is no reason why employers would not trust that.


I simply want to become a better person and a better worker every day. I believe that in company like this one, one develops his skills and abilities constantly and learns a lot. This is very important for me and motivates me in work.


The desire to develop yourself, your skills and abilities should look nicely for most of the employers. However, before you decide to go with this opinion, think twice if it is logical. I mean, if you are supposed to do the same routine work eight hours a day, every day, you will barely be motivated by doing this job. So think about it rather twice.


I like to be in a collective. If good people and clever people are around me and we work together on the achievement of the goals of the company, it will motivate me all the time.


Some of us are very social oriented. We simply need to be in a good collective while working. Once this happens, we will work as hard as we can to keep this job and stay in the collective. This answer may be good, if the working environment is friendly. Typically, it is a good answer for small and family businesses.


To be honest, money motivates me the most. I like your salary offer and that is the main reason why I decided to apply for this job. I have family, my kids are studying and I simply need a good salary. To deserve it, I will work very hard every day for a long time.


Sometimes, the best solution is to be honest. If you can not find any other answer, you certainly can tell the hiring managers that money motivates you. While applying for certain positions such as sales representative, this answer is especially good. Anyway, we suggest you to use this answer only if you can not use any other from the answers presented earlier.

So, these were few good answers to the interview questions about motivation. Before you use one of these, think for couple of minutes about the position you apply for. Read the answers once more and think which one really is suitable for this job. Your answer should make sense, be logical and your presence in the interview should correspond with it. That’s the way how to make the right impression on the employer.


Not satisfied yet? Have a look at why should we hire you question or what job is right for me to be well prepared for your meeting with an employer.

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