Candidate and interviewer shake handsEvery single company need to employ a payroll clerk. Well, we work and we need to get our paychecks, don’t we? Therefore we need payroll clerks to collect the information about our regular working hours as well as overtime, calculate our payment, calculate taxes and complete the paycheck.
To get this routine job without any real level of stress, you should be ready for several typical and several technical questions. Let’s have a look at it right now!


Why do you want to work as a payroll clerk?

This question is difficult. You can hardly find something motivating about this job… However, you should not say an employer that you just want to have any sort of administrative/accounting job, and that’s why you apply for this one. As a good applicant, you can mention that you like math, that you are very detail oriented and prefer routine jobs. That’s the reason why payroll clerk is a good choice for you.

Why do you think you can do this job well?

Refer to your qualification, as well as to abilities that are important for a good clerk. I talk about abilities such as detail oriented personality, responsibility, good computing skills, good knowledge of law, etc. You can also say that you are very motivated to have this job and believe that a motivated person always does a good job!


What do you consider a biggest mistake you did in your job?

If you choose something from accounting, please choose an example when you were able to correct the mistake at the end. Mistakes can prove costly, but we are only human beings. We make mistakes.


How do you ensure your knowledge of payrolling is up to date?

You can say that you watch changes in labor law as well as tax law closely, in order to avoid making any mistakes. Also, if you read any publications related to this problematic, you can refer to it in an interview. Presenting yourself like someone who cares about quality of his work can only help you in your interview.


Someone wants to befriend you on a workplace. What would you do?

As a payroll clerk, you should be not be too loyal to someone. On the other hand, it’s normal to make friends on the workplace. That’s why you should say that you want to make friends in work, but it will never influence any of your decisions and actions while performing your job.


Have you any experience with pay card payments? Describe it.

(It’s a simple method of offering employees a debit card they can use to buy things with, or cash it with the use of ATM. It’s like sending money to bank account; just you send it to the card for this purpose.)
Can you please list down the tax rates and other deductions of gross payment? (You should check the rates based on the country where you are from.)



Here is a report of work of an employee. As you can see, there is a number of hours he spent in work last month, the number of hours he worked overtime, as well as pay rate for both regular time and overtime. Please, calculate his gross payment and his net payment, based on the data on the report.

Using such scenario, employer can easily verify if you can do your job or not. I suggest you to check the difference between gross and net wage in your country and try to practice this exercise at home, prior to your job interview. It should help you to get rid of stress and make no mistakes, once you solve it in the interview.


Your presence is also important

Nowadays, success is not only about good answers to interview questions. There are too many applicants for every job… and when we speak about payroll clerk, most applicants have similar background and education, and features the same skills. Therefore, you must try your best to create a good relationship with an interviewer. Try to be friendly, nice, humble and enthusiastic. It can help you to stand out from the crowd of other applicants… If you want to outclass them, you should have a look at unique interview tips presented by
Good Luck!