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There are several questions we can calmly label as typical interview questions. What are your strengths definitely belongs to this group. Recruiters all around the world love to ask this question. However in most of the cases, their intentions are different as one would expect.

They do not ask you this question to find out what your strengths are. If they are qualified for their job, they will be able to uncover your strengths and weaknesses without any help from your side. However, they ask you this question in order to evaluate your abilities to gauge yourself realistically, as well as your trustworthiness in the job interview.


Just think about it for a while. If you picture yourself in a best light possible, or present in your answer some strengths that you are not able to support with your overall presence in the interview, they will not believe you in other things said there. On the other hand, if you are too humble and can’t find any strengths, they can easily have a feeling that you are unable to gauge things and so are not suitable for the position.

It is not an easy question, really. So, how to answer what are your strengths interview question in a best way possible? First of all, it is good to prepare for this question in advance (you are partially doing it now). We recommend you to use the following procedure.

Process how to identify the right strengths to mention in an interview

  1. Look at the job description. Try to identify three or four key abilities for the job. For customer service it would be ability to listen, patience and communication skills, for process manager it would be attention to details, responsibility and creativity. You should simply identify some strengths that are necessary for this job.
  2. Compare these strengths with your own strengths and try to find a match. If you are not able to do it on your own, you will have to ask some of your friends for help. Sometimes, we struggle to evaluate our own skills and abilities. To look in a mirror is not easy for us. That’s why it is a great idea to ask your friend to help you with the identification of your strengths.
  3. Present the strengths you have and that are relevant for the job in an interview.


This process may seem to be simple, but it is not. Not everyone is able to identify abilities needed for the job as well as his own strengths. That is the main reason why people struggle with this what are your strengths interview question. That is why authors on prepared for you a huge number of articles regarding interview for every possible position, so you can understand better the relevant strengths as well as interview questions for the positions.


Presence is more important than your answers

But even if you are able to identify the right strengths and present it in your answer in the interview, it will not be enough. The most important part of this performance is to back-up these strengths with things you do in the recruiting process.

  • If you mention punctuality as your strength, you should come on time.
  • If your strength is attention to details, then you should present this attention in all your answers – speaking about details, not just broadly.
  • If you mention communication skills, you should be able to communicate perfectly with the interviewers and persuade them about your communication skills.


As you can see from the previously mentioned examples, honesty is a key in the interviews. It makes no sense to lie about your strengths or to pretend to be a perfect applicant for a job. You should simply try to be yourself, honest and ideally present at least one or two strengths that are relevant for a job and that you really have. This is for sure the best approach how to answer what are your strengths interview question. We wish you good luck in your interview!

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