To get a job of a web developer is not easy nowadays. Some guys are willing to do this job for ridiculously small money, what created a tense situation on the job market. Anyway, to know what interview questions you will face once meeting with your potential employer can help you to get the employment.

Just always remember to know your price and learn to demonstrate it in the job interview. Once the employer can see the added value you can bring to his company, it will not be important for him anymore if you cost $500 more monthly than your competitors. The truth is that nowadays every 15 years old kid in the US can develop websites. But, just very few people can develop websites that actually sell and make profit for the customer. And that is exactly what you should try to show in the job interview. Let’s have a look at the questions:


Frequently used interview questions in web development interview

Show me some websites that you have developed so far

This question will be part of any interview for web developer position. Well, no way to hide. When presenting your websites to the employer, do not just show him the link and jump to another one. Describe in detail what you have done there and why.

What profit do these sited bring to the owners, and to the community? Are there any special tweaks you incorporated? In fact when answering this question, you can win your job immediately. Just you need to do it the right way.


What programming languages are you good at?

It is a huge different to know a language, and be capable of utilizing it in your web development. The key here is to name all the languages and scripts you are able to handle, and demonstrate it on concrete examples of your work. Honestly, everyone can talk about what he knows. But it’s a completely different story once it is coupled with illustrations and professional descriptions.


What web browser do you prefer?

Well, this is a tricky question indeed. Being a good developer, you should like all the browsers. And if you are unable to build a relation to buggy Explorer or any other one, you should at least be able to develop websites that are correctly displayed in every web browser. And exactly this should be included in your answer to such interview questions.


What do you prefer to code websites in and why?

As a good developer, you should know advantages of every programing language. While websites in java or using flash might be appealing to the end user, they are more problematic to rank in search engines. While in HTML it is easiest to code a website, once you need to make some amendments to it, all advantages of HTML are gone. The right language depends on the purpose of the website. That is the golden rule you should always keep in mind.


From the mentioned examples, you can see that web developer interview questions will likely not touch the particular development tasks, like writing some code. Job interview is more about understanding who you are, and if you can work with the code effectively in order to make every customer happy not only with his website, but also with his profits. Present the right abilities and you should get the job of web developer with no problems. Good luck!

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