A picture of a long line of cash desks at Walmart. We can see plenty of cashier, and also many customers who pay for their shopping at the store.Walmart is famous for their customer-oriented policy, and affordable prices of goods. It attracts many people to their stores, and many job seekers try to get a job with Walmart. In this article we will look at the interview questions and things you have to do to get a job with the famous retailer.


Fitting the working environment

Your primary goal is to show the interviewers that you would fit nicely to the working environment, that you have the attitude that is expected from the employees at Walmart.

Try to show enthusiasm for the job, try to show them that you understand the values and working environment at Walmart, and that it resonates with your own values. Keep smiling, act friendly, stay positive. Exactly that is expected from every employee at Walmart.


Interview questions

  • Why do you want to work at Walmart? (Hint: Mention the uniqueness of the retailer, your preferences for the brand of Walmart, great location of the store, etc).
  • What can you bring to our team? Why should we hire you?
  • How do you typically feel in your daily job? (Hint: You can say that you have a lot of energy, that you enjoy the time with your colleagues, that the time typically flies by).
  • Would you mind working late in the evening?
  • Can you tell us something about your customer service experience?
  • Have you ever helped someone else to achieve their goal?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Is there anything that may restrain you in this job?
  • What do you plan to do in five years time? (Hint: To mention that you would like to stay at Walmart is probably the best answer, and you can aim for career growth in the store).
  • There is a colleague you have a difficult time with. How will you handle the situation?
  • How would you approach a stressed, or an angry customer? (Hint – At Walmart, you should approach everyone with smile, and the bad behavior should not affect you negatively in your job.)


For more in-detail analysis of Walmart Interview, and answers to the questions, check my Walmart Interview Guide. I have worked for Walmart, and now I help job seekers to succeed in their interviews for all kind of jobs with Walmart. I hope to help also you….

* Note: This article is a guest post