Wal-Mart logoWalmart is famous for its customer oriented policy and affordable goods prices all around the world. Friendly customer service workers as well as the chance to save money when shopping are the number one reasons why this retailer is so popular. It is similar to McDonald’s and their clean toilets.

If you want to work at Walmart, you must show that you fit their working environemnt well, as it’s crucial for their decisions. That’s why you always need to keep on your mind:

  • Show respect to Walmart and recruiters from the first moment of an interview. If you are respectful there, employer will belive that you’ll be respectful to the customers too!
  • Keep smiling and looking in the eyes. Desperate or negative employees are not welcome at Walmart. Keep smiling and keep the eye contact with the interviewers all the time.
  • Show enthusiasm for your job. Walmart does not recruit people that can not get any other job (well, at least they try to believe this). They try to recruit people that want to work at Walmart. They must get this feeling from the enthusiasm and motivation you show in an interview.


We suggest you to read a bit more about Walmart philosophy and rules the employees stick to, in order to understand better what will be expected from you. But let’s have a look at some typical questions now.


Some interview questions they typically use at Walmart

  • Why do you want to work at Walmart? (Hint: Mention the philosophy, the uniqueness of the company, your preferences for the brand)
  • What can you bring to our team? Why should we hire you?
  • How do you typically feel in your daily job? (Hint: You can say that you are full of energy, do not have a tendency to be tired)
  • Would you mind working late in the evening?
  • Can you tell me something about your customer service experience?
  • Have you ever helped someone else to achieve their goal or helped to better themselves and if so, how?
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses? (Hint: Communication is a good answer)
  • Is there anything that can restrain you to do well in this job?
  • What do you plan to do in five years time? (Hint: To mention that you would like to stay at Walmart is probably the best possible answer)
  • There is a colleague you have a difficult time with. How would you handle it?
  • How would you approach a stressed, or an angry customer? (Hint – At Walmart, you should approach everyone with smile)


P.S. If you really want to get this job at Walmart and consider it as important for you, we recommend you to have a look at Walmart interview guide from one of our authors-  Jacob Gates. It’s a fascinating e-book that uncovers all the secrets and traps of WM interviews…

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