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When you are applying for a job, you can be a part of various types of interviews. You should not make your life too difficult because of it anyway. Usually you will not know what type of interview is in front of you until it starts, so there is no reason to worry about it or make any extra preparation.

Anyway, if you are an employer, looking for a most effective way of choosing the right employee for certain position, than the types of interviews terminology should be in your knowledge arsenal. Every different type of interview has its specifications and is suitable for different recruiting processes. Please have a look at the following list to understand what types of interview are the best for your concrete recruiting project.


Types of interviews basic classification

Initial one to one interview – In the initial interview, applicant is usually asked a set of questions about himself, his goals, education, experience abilities. The same questions are asked every candidate and candidate usually gives direct answers to these questions. Initial interview is good as a start of recruiting process, to get basic grasp of a candidate, his communication skills, intelligence, etc. All of these can be assessed by an experienced recruiter in the initial interview.

Situational/Behavioral interview – In this form of job interview, candidate is asked how he solved some work related situation in the past. Based on it, recruiters try to predict how he would act in some similar, but also completely different situations in the future. Another advantage of this form is that one can distinguish if someone is lying in his resume or not.

STAR interviewSTAR interview is an upgraded form of situational interview. In these types of interviews only questions about the past are given, but also possible scenarios for the future job are outlined and the candidate should take action to solve the scenario. You can find out more about this method in our STAR interview article.

Group interview- Group interview is a best way how to test one’s ability to work in a team. Give a task to a bunch of people and let them work together. Group types of interviews good method to distinguish who is natural leader and who is natural follower in the group. (For some jobs leaders are better, for some other followers).

Panel interviewPanel interview is one of the most stressful one. One candidate faces the questions of three or more interviewers, usually from the top management of the company. Panel interview is a best test of presentation abilities of a candidate and also of his understanding of your business.

Case study interview – “Throw him into the water so he can show us how to swim” is a slogan case study based types of interviews can be described with. Commonly used in the UK, candidate is given a certain problem, goal, and time and should give his detailed solution to the problem in the given time horizon. Case study interview is often used as a second interview, done with candidates who pass the initial stages successfully.

We hope that this list of types of interviews helps you in your preparation, whether you are a job seeker or an employer. We wish you good luck!

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