image of some teaching methodologiesWhen a school needs a teacher assistant, they typically need him or her quickly. It may happen quite often that you are the only one person in a job interview for this job. Therefor, even the school principal (or who may interview you) prays you will know the right answers to teacher assistant interview questions and accept the offer.

Note: Exception proves the rule. Sometimes there might be two and sometimes three applicants for this position. But most likely there will be only you. Just think about it. It’s a special position most job seekers are not used to. However, if you have a tendency to try to negotiate a very good salary – because they need you, I must to warn you – it’s not a good idea. Schools are typically public institutions and their salary structure is pretty strict.

Anyway, back to the interview questions. They will ask you questions about your attitude, availability, teaching methods as well as some typical interview questions. Let’s have a look at such a list of questions that typically occurs in an interview.


Questions and suggested answers for teacher assistant applicant.


Tell me something about yourself.

Focus on professional things. Nobody is interested in your hobbies or your family. Tell them that you like teaching and to be with young people. You can mention some interests, such as reading or learning new things.


Can you tell me something about your teaching experience?

This is an important question. You should focus mostly on the experience from teaching the same subject you are going to teach there (in case they’ll choose you of course). So, if you are applying for a position of math teacher assistant, it’s good to mention any math related teaching experience.


Can you tell me something about your teaching methodology?

Answer to this question is pretty much self explanatory. You should have some methodology, or at least some rules you use when teaching. If you do not have it yet, I recommend you to think about it right now. Also, to stay in line with the methodologies they use at this institution is a good idea.


What is your worst experience when teaching?

The best advice I can give you at this place is to choose a problem that caused you a lot of troubles, however you were able to solve it at the end. A student that kept failing many times although you tried your best and succeeded at the end is a good example. So remember-  choose a situation that has a happy ending.

Where are you able to start?

Once this question comes, it’s actually a good sign. They want to give a job. Do not hesitate to mention that you can start even today if they need you (and if it is true).


Do you have any questions?

Well, you should have some questions. You can question about the salary conditions as well as ask about some general school policy. It’s pretty much up to you what you ask.

That’s it. Maybe it seems like a very simple interview for you. And in fact – it is simple. All you have to do is to stay focused, listen carefully, answer to the point and look enthusiastic about the opportunity. We wish you good luck in your interview!

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