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Definition of struts environmentStruts as virtually any open source web application framework has many supporters all around the world. With many advantages of struts there is no wonder that one can find more and more job openings for developers advertised daily.

However, if you are one of the applicants for the job, you should know the answer to most common struts interview questions.

In your interview, you are going to be tested not only by interview questions related to struts and answers you provide. Likely you will be given a laptop with all the needed programming environment installed and get a certain task to accomplish.

To not make it too easy for you, you’ll be probably also tested using a portfolio of IQ tests and psychometric tests, that should determine if you have the right personality for developer who will stay in a company for a long time. But let’s have a look now at the questions.


Common struts interview questions and answers

Question 1: What is the main goal of struts and why it is used?
Answer: The main purpose of using struts is to separate the model from the view and cntroller. It’s the first framework where it is possible and it is used mostly in larger projects where such a separation is neccesary.

Question 2: Can you define ActionServlet?
Answer: It’s a certain class in Jakarta Struts Framework that plays a role of a controller. All the request sent to the server goes through the controller which is responsible to handle it.

Question 3: What is ActionFrom?
Answer: It is a form of JavaBean that is used to maintain the session state of web application. It’s object is populated on the server side right after the client enters data on his side.

Several more advanced questions

  • What is the main advantage of Struts 2 when compared to Struts 1?
  • What problems can a developer face while testing action classes for an application that is coded in Struts 1?
  • Imagine you have a team of java developers who are not skilled in Struts. But you want them to work on a certain project in Struts. How will you set up the training process for them in order to prepare them for the coding in Struts?
  • Can you manually override the behavior of RequestProcessor? If yes, define how.

As you can see, struts interview questions can make you sweat a lot in your interview. However, if you think seriously about the career in struts development, you should be able to prepare for it.

Do not forget to check also top 10 interview questions or what questions to ask an employer in the interview. After that you should be prepared also for the parts of interview not related to struts directly. Good luck!

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