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We live in an era of information. The amount of data processed online every day is incredible. Big corporations have also huge data integration and data warehousing needs. That is probably the main reason why SSIS became so popular and more and more job seekers look for some SSIS interview questions.

Honestly, not many people are good in this area. Being like that, you will often be interviewed for these form of positions by someone who has no clue about data migration and similar things. But no worries. Just try to look as professional as you can, be humble and demonstrate clear knowledge of SSIS in the interview while answering these SSIS interview questions.

Employers will likely download some SSIS interview questions to help them get better oriented in the area. Well, if you would like to know what kind of questions it will go about, check the following list. Most importantly, do not forget to bring any form of practical presentation of your work done with SSIS to the interview with you. It can easily win you a job contract. Let’s progress to the typical questions now.


Typical SSIS interview questions

  • Define SSIS, and the main cases where it is used.
  • Have you ever worked with Data Transformation Service? If yes, what improvements do you see when you compare SSIS with DTS?
  • Can you define an Error-Tolerant Index?
  • Is there any way to achieve parallelism in SSIS?
  • Try to name few strengths and weaknesses of SSIS Import-Export wizard from your point of view?
  • Characterize the main features of SSIS, variables that can be used in it and tasks it can perform.
  • What of the following is not the within the build-in transformations of SSIS?

Conditional Split, Multicast, Slowly Changing Dimension, Script Component, Fuzzy Grouping, Gantt Diagrams, Slowly Changing Dimension, Script Component, Lookup and Fuzzy Lookup

Characterize with one sentence all the transformations from the list, and provide concrete examples of data export-import when it can be used.

  • What is DTUTIL and DTEXEC used for?
  • How can you quickly load data into sql server table, using SSIS?
  • Can you provide some example of handling data quality issues within your experience?
  • Explain the execution tree in SSIS. How did it change in SQL Server 2008 from 2005?
  • Are there any things that annoy you while working with SSIS? If yes, define why.


As you can see, you can expect various SSIS interview questions. Some will be purely theoretic, some practical, and some even a little funny. Anyway, try to keep your concentration high, look professionally and always answer all the SSIS interview questions briefly and to the point. It’s a best way to succeed and get the job. Good luck!

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