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Special interviews section is here to help you to shine in uncommon types of interviews.

Are you in front of a panel interview or in front of the behavioral interview? Doesn’t matter if you do not know at all what it means at the moment. With our special interview section, you can easily get prepared for it and understand all the specifications of each interview.

In this section we will also try to present some interview tips and questions related to selection process in particular companies, that are popular among job seekers world-widely. Various innovation and industry leaders like Google or McDonald’s have evolved their own, interesting and often also highly scientific selection methods.

Lastly, some advanced interview techniques coupled with good interview questions to ask an employer will be presented here.
We hope you will find information here valuable and leading to your success in the job interview.


List of actual posts (new posts are constantly being added)

Special job interview

  • Panel interview tips and suggestions – During the panel interview, you are not meeting the hiring managers anymore. You are meeting the decision makers. That’s why the set of questions, as well as assessment criteria are very different.
  • Interview techniques and tricks – If you prefer a kind of scientific interview preparation, and have good acting skills, sometimes using a special interview technique may work for you.
  • Mock interview – Mock interview is a simulation of real interview, done as authentically as possible. Learn how to do it right and what are its disadvantages.
  • Informational interview – Learn more about this special form of interview. Change roles and give the questions to the employer.
  • Illegal interview questions – Some interview questions might be considered as illegal by law.
  • Google interview questions – To have a job in Google is dream of many. Their system of interview is quite legendary and there are many myths built around it. Find out what is really true.
  • Behavioral interview questions and answers – Learn in what behavioral interview is specific and what questions to expect there.
  • Informational interview questions – Sometimes we just want to inform ourselves about possibilities to work somewhere. What questions to use it this is a case?

We hope that you have found what you needed in one of our posts. If not, please see 2nd part of special interview section. You will find more than ten other forms of special interviews described there. Do not forget to check also some general job interview tips and interview questions for various jobs – you might find there the job you are just applying for and prepare for the most typical questions.

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