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Here are some other articles that should help you to succeed in your interview, especially in an uncommon one.

Are you applying for a green card? Is immigration interview in front of you? Or have you been invited for a Skype interview? Doesn’t matter what’s the case, you should be able to find good help from qualified professionals in the following articles.

Enjoy your reading!

  • Exit interview questions – Find out what to ask employees that decided to leave the company to get an important feedback. At this time, employees typically are honest, so you can get a good feedback about your company.
  • Microsoft interview questions – Learn what are the part of interview puzzle used by Microsoft and what questions about the brand they like to use. It’s quite an experience, to be honest. But once you finish reading our article, you should be able to make it through the first round at least.
  • PowerPoint Presentation in an Interview – To use a presentation in an interview is one of the special techniques how to present your work to the potential employer. You should not underestimate this option and should have a look at it.
  • Bad Interview – There are several ways how to lead a very bad job interview. Learn how to avoid it happening to you.
  • Funny interview questions – If you feel too much stress prior to the job interview, relax a bit with our list of funny interview questions. It’s not that funny to get such a question in actual interview, but it happens sometimes.
  • Immigration interview questions – To make your dream about new life in new country make true, you will have to deal with several tough interview questions. Learn how to answer it and get the permanent residence in a country of your choice.
  • Greed card interview questions – What to bring with you to the green card interview and for what questions you have to prepare? Learn more about it in this post. Learn how to impress the officer and be granted a card.
  • Group interview – Group interview is used commonly in big companies, especially when it comes to entry level interview. Learn what to expect and how to deal with this form of interview. You can also find examples of typically used group interview questions there.
  • Citizenship interview questions – Do you want to get US citizenship? You should know what questions they will ask you as well as what reactions are appropriate in this form of interview.
  • Video Interview tips – Video interview has become quite popular lately. Learn how to act and what to do to ace it. Video interview is used in more than 30% of hundred biggest companies in the world sorted by the number of employees. You should not underestimate this fact.
  • Skype interview – Skype interview is a special form of video interview. Inspire yourself with our original Skype interview tips.
  • Reference Check Questions – Find out what the employers ask to check the references in an interview.


That’s it. If you did not find here what you were looking for, you can have a look at first part of special interviews, or check out types of interview questions article.

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