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software engineering applicationsTo get a job of software engineer is not easy nowadays. Even if you get an invitation to the interview, still you will have to compete with at least three other experts in the field. To prepare for some common software engineer interview questions is the least you can do to boost your chances of winning a job.

Anyway, you have to know your job, if you want to have any odds at all. Please use the list of presented software engineer interview questions to test yourself.

But after you do it, read something about the company where you are going to be interviewed and spend some time doing appropriate interview preparation. Only such combination can lead to your success and new software engineering job.


List of common software engineer interview questions:

  • Question 1: Why have you decided for a career of software engineer?
  • Question 2: What do you like the most about your job?
  • Question 3: Can you name the mane phases of process of software development?
  • Question 4: Can you name the tools you have used in your last software designing process?
  • Question 5: Are there any security tests that can be performed for a web application? What security test do you consider most important to conduct?


  • Question 6: What is the main difference between the abstract class and the interface?
  • Question 7: How would you find a string in sorted array?


Except of these software engineer interview questions, you will probably get also several problem solving tasks. For example:

Task 1: Imagine your task is to manage the state of huge amount of digital information in a hige project? Which tools do you need to do this and how would you proceed?

Task 2: Imagine that customer doesn’t like many things during acceptance testing. What do you think can be a reason for such a situation and how will you avoid it to happen.

Task 3: There is a system in production environment, that is currently used. You need to debug it. Define the steps you will take.


As you can see, interview is not only about some theoretical software engineer interview questions. You really need to know your stuff, think analytically and have an ability to solve problems that may occur. If you manage to do all of the mentioned, you should get the job of software engineer.


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