Hands as symbolism of social work and diversityThere are many possibilities to work in the social sector, and help the others. These jobs can provide a meaningful purpose to your life and make you proud of yourself. In order to help you to get the job in social sector, we prepared for a list of common interview questions and answers.

Social work is more than a job, it’s a mission. Remember it while you are interviewed. This attitude will be expected from you in most institutions, and in order to make the right impression on the recruitment committee, you need to demonstrate this attitude. But do not be afraid. There are not many applicants for these jobs. It’s not like law, or economics…. So, if you answer the questions correctly, and if you present yourself in the right way, you will get the job. Let’s take a look at the questions that await you in an interview.

Most common interview questions for social workers and how to answer them


Why do you want to become a social worker?

To make things better, to help the others, to make a difference in this world. This should be your aim and your answer.


Why are you applying for a job in our institution?

You should be aware of the problems the institution addresses in their work. To mention that you are aware of the specific problem, and believe that you can be the right person to address it, is actually a good answer. Just do not forget to be specific when answering this question. If you apply for a job at school, mention that you are good in dealing with problematic students and like to talk to the youngsters. You should adjust your answer to the exact role you are applying for.


What is your experience with the target group?

Clever applicant will not only list their related experience, but also mention specific achievements from their past roles. Did you help a child to change their lifestyle? Did you help the sufferers to find new hope? If yo did so, do not hesitate to mention it in your answer. You can even become a little emotional. It is okay in this type of a job. And if you touch the emotions of the hiring committee, your chances of being hired will just increase.


How do you imagine your normal working day?

Answer it with a list of duties. Present yourself as someone who wants to work, and who has always something to do in the office. You can mention also that if there were no regular duties, you would study and research how to make things better in the institution, and most importantly for the people.

Where do you see yourself in five years time?

Honestly, there aren’t many options for career growth in social sector (it may differ at some institutions, but the exception just proves the rule). Therefore it is advisable to simply say that you would still love to do the social work, as you see meaningful purpose in it.


How would you build relationships with the target group?

This is one of the difficult questions. However, to mention that you always try to think on the same wavelength and look at the situation from the point of view of other person is definitely a good base for any excellent answer.


What would you do to solve conflict situations with the others?

First of all, you should mention that you do your best to avoid conflicts. As a social worker, you try to be calm and focused on the job. This is what the employers want to hear from you.

These were some of the typical social work interview questions. Recruiters examine your personality and readiness for the job. Hiring manager may ask you several more questions regarding your practical skills. For example

  • Can you work with computer?
  • What software can you work with?
  • Do you speak any foreign language?
  • What was your diploma thesis?
  • Similar questions…


However, the answers to these questions are pretty much straightforward. You should simply be honest and speak to the point.

If you want to learn more about difficult behavioral and situational questions for social work job applicants, we recommend SocialWorkInterviewQuestions.com. You can find there deep analysis of more social interview questions.

We wish you good luck in your interview!