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Skype interview can be comfortableNowadays, in interview people on Skype is becoming a trend. More and more companies use it on everyday basis, because interviewing applicants this way has many advantages.

Skype interview saves time and money of both applicants and employers. Nevertheless, environmental aspect is becoming very trendy and so if nothing else, it is definitely a “greener” way of interviewing people.

In case you have been invited for a Skype job interview or any other form of video interview, here are few good tips for you.  Some are basic, common-sense things, but some  are special and can bring you a real advantage over your competitors in your next Skype interview. So let’s start:


Check your equipment

1. Always check your internet connection, microphone settings, web-cam settings and headphones settings at least one hour before the Skype interview. Best what you can do is to make a Skype call with your friend. Ensure that you know how to start such a call and ensure about the following things during your call:

  • Can s/he hear you well? If not, work with the position and volume of your microphone, until you friend can hear you clearly and loud enough.
  • Can you hear him/her well? If not, play a bit with your speakers’ volume and settings, so you can hear her clearly.  In the Skype interview there is no place for guessing what interviewer asks you. You have to hear him/her clearly.
  • Does s/he see your face in the middle of his/her the screen? If no, play a bit with the position of your web-camera and your distance from it. Your face should be the main thing in the screen of the interviewer.
  • Does s/he see anything disturbing on the screen? ( e.g things in the background of your room that make her concentration harder?) If yes, remove this things, so she can fully concentrate on you and is not indirectly forced to think about some items in your room.

Once all the above mentioned is fine, you are ready to start an interview.


Right dress, place, time, behavior

This is the right dress for Skype interview2. Dress like you were going to a traditional job interview. From my experience, many people go to the Skype interview in their home clothes. It is still an interview, so please do not mash it with your boyfriend’s midnight call :).


If you dress like you were going to a live interview, recruiter on the other side of the screen will got the feeling that this Skype interview is really important for you.

Other Skype interview tips

3. Sit in a calm room, not in a noisy one. If you have children, ask them to go out or let someone else to take care of them. If you have a dog, send him for a walk.  And if there is no other option for you as to undertake Skype interview in a lousy internet coffee, choose the most calm place there and ask the crew to close the door and turn the radio volume down.  If you explain your reasons, they should do it for you.

4. Prepare everything you could need, before the interview starts. Prepare your printed resume, glass of water and so on.

5. Gesticulate naturally. Non-verbal communication plays a strong role in interviews in general. Do not be worried about making gestures in front of your computer screen. Be natural, use your smile, use your hands.  Applicants often try to sit calmly in the chairs while being interviewed online, not making any additional moves and gestures.  However, that’s not the right way to succeed.


Record it and do not forget the thank you note

6. Record your online interview. This is something you can not usually do in the classical interview. But while being interviewed on Skype, you can use various handy software tools to record your call. (Pretty May is a good one). Doing so, you can later go through your interview once more.


You can learn a lot from your record and work on your presence in the interviews.  You can easily identify mistakes you made and improve them until your next online interview.  In fact, it is a good study material also for other types of interview. The interviewer can not recognize if you are recording the call or not. She can not see it on her screen. So, you can do it anonymously.


Sometimes interview has a positive result When the Skype interview is finished, do not forget to ask about the further procedure. Just one applicant out of every ten asks this question. If you not ask, often there will be no further process. Show your interest to continue applying for the job. Ask  about the further steps before the call is finished.

8. Thank you note. Another advantage of the Skype interview is that you can easily send the recruiter your thank you note.  Once the call is finished, just leave him message on Skype, how much you appreciate the time he spent with you doing interview.


Do not forget to mention that you hope to see him again. Doing so, you not only thank the interviewer and make him feeling good, but you also express your strong desire to get this job.


We hope you will ace your next interview and get a great job. Good luck!

PS: Have a look also at the questions to ask employers in a Skype interview or check some general interview preparation tips. You want to be prepared as good as possible, don’t you?

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