What is the place of situational interview questions?

Job interview in general consists of three types of interview questions:

  • General interview questions – About your abilities, skills, goals, weaknesses, etc.
  • Work targeted job interview questions – Questions related to particular working duties in the position you are applying for. These questions often target also some key abilities and skills you need to have to do the job.
  • Situational interview questions- Interviewers describe you various real (or sometimes also unreal) situations that can happen in your job. Your task is to in short time describe how would you react in the situation.

The aim of asking situational interview questions is basically to distinguish talkers from people that really are suitable for the job.

In fact it goes not about questions, but short and easy case studies. They throw you into the water and you shall show them how to swim. That’s it!

Let’s have a look at few examples of such situational interview questions. Try to practice and answer all the questions immediately, without thinking:

  • Question 1. You come to a serious problem in work you can not find a solution to. What are you going to do?
  • Question 2. Two of your team members came to work little drunk. How would you react?
  • Question 3. Your manager has given you a task with certain time-frame. But you know that it is impossible to accomplish it in time. How would you deal with that?
  • Question 4. You are in a middle of work on a complex project, being a project manager. But after receiving the most recent report, you see that there has been no progress in the project at all. How would you proceed?


So, were you able to answer most of the presented situational interview questions? If you do not have enough, here is set number two, for you to practice. Enjoy!

  • Question 5. New employee recruited externally joined your team recently. However after a short time you know that this team member does not suit your team very well. Simply because¬† he can no get along with other team members because of his atypical character. How would you solve the situation?
  • Question 6. You were informed that one of your team members was dismissed by a general manger of company. The problem is that from your point of view, she is indispensable for a team. What would you do?
  • Question 7. You are behind schedule with one of your projects that you work on with a team of three other people. Suddenly a general manager calls you telling that he needs the project to be done until Monday. And it is Friday afternoon… Your intention is to motivate people to stay and work also on Saturday. How would you motivate them to do so?
  • Question 8. You have a great process management idea that can improve the overall results of the company by ten percent. But the problem is, that you are not a process manager. How are you going to try to push your idea through?


These were eight common situational interview questions. Practice the quick answers until you will be fully satisfied with the speed of your reaction and quality of your answers. Such preparation should help you to handle all situational interview questions with ease…

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