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Mad SEO guy at computerOnline presence has become very important nowadays. More and more customers use internet as a primary search tool for products and services. Following this trend, many companies start their websites. However, after some time  they typically feel disappointed. The company is somewhere back in search results and they need someone to change this fact. That’s the point when SEO enters the game. If you want to work for one of the big players in this area, you will need to answer some tough interview questions.

Some people believe that SEO is more an art than a science. That’s why it is sometimes difficult to answer well these questions used in an interview. On the top of that, two people that are considered to be experts in SEO can easily have a totally different point of view on some issues and factors related to it. That’s why you should keep the following things in mind once answering the questions:

Things to keep on mind in your SEO interview

  • Always speak about opinions, not about facts. To say “My opinion is that anchor text does not matter” is very different to “Anchor text does not matter nowadays”. I hope you can feel the difference in these two formulations and will use the first one.
  • Try to have the same philosophy as the person that is interviewing you. For example, if this company strongly supports guest blogging, you should mention that you also prefer this form of link building. It’s as simple as that.
  • Do not speak too much about black hat seo. We have all heard about black hat techniques and how they brought some websites to the top of search engines for very competitive keywords. Then again, there are also stories how these networks turned down the business in no time. You should not forget that you will (if you get a job) work on the websites that are not yours – sites of the clients. You can just not afford to risk applying any of these methods on the sites of the clients.


Once you keep these three rules on your mind, you should do well in your SEO interview. Let’s have a look at some commonly used SEO interview questions and hints.


List of typically used questions

  1. Define SEO. (Try to cover also other sources of traffic, such as social media in your answer)
  2. Why is it important for every business nowadays? (Try to be business oriented in this answer. That means – do not speak only about more visitors to the site. Speak rather about more sales and higher revenues.)
  3. Do you think it is possible to redesign a wrongly designed site to improve it’s overall SEO ranking?
  4. Define the main factors that influence the position of the website in SERPs nowadays? (To start with a good on page content useful for the readers is definitely a great idea.)
  5. What do you consider to be the future of search engine optimization?
  6. Try to describe the SEO to the client that has never heard this term before and does not know anything about it. (A tough, but a very important question. Try to speak as simple as possible and avoid using terms like search engine traffic, SERPs, etc.)
  7. Have you ever used any black-hat seo methods? If yes, what methods and what were the results. (I recommend to say that you are aware of these methods, but have never used it before)
  8. Can you show me any website that you have worked on before? (Very important question. If you have not done any successful optimization before, they will most likely not choose you for the job)
  9. Why do you want to work for someone and do not do SEO as a freelancer? (This is actually a pretty tough one. The truth is that if you were that good in SEO, you would most likely be a freelancer. However, you can mention that you struggle to find new clients as a reason or that you simply prefer to work in a team.)
  10. What programming languages can you use?


These are 10 questions that appear commonly in the interview. Besides these questions, you can get few HTML interview questions of PHP interview questions – depends on the programming languages you should handle in your job. I also recommend you to check out the entire IT interview questions section, to understand better what is expected from you.

Good Luck in your interview!

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