Filtering out the bestScreening interview represents typically the first phase of selection process. Recruiters ask candidates, either live or on the phone, several common interview questions, in order to assess their predispositions, communication skills as well as intelligence. The goal is typically to filter out at least 50% of the applicants.

Some guys from the group of job seekers consider this interview to be a waste of time. Honestly, to travel somewhere, wait and waste whole day just to answer ten typical interview questions in ten minutes time is a bit strange. I also do not like this procedure that much and always conduct screening interview over the phone. However, you can not create the rules while you are standing on the side of the job seekers… So back to the screening interview. What are the most common questions asked there?

Questions commonly asked during screening interview


You can find good examples of answers to these screening interview questions in our viral article called 15 most common interview questions. Now you can ask me: Why do companies organize these interviews? Can it provide any kind of picture of a person?

These are actually good questions and we can debate it a bit. Honestly, this interview is a bit of gamble. First of all, most of the job seekers can read the questions before an interview and prepare for it – the questions are the same in most of the screening interviews. Then, it really says very little about the things that are important for the job.


Good recruiter sees more than you would expect…

On the other hand, experienced and clever recruiter can observe several things during the screening interview such as:

  • Do you have the ability to listen to the others?
  • Do you speak to the point or answer different questions than the given one (common case)?
  • Are you introvert or extrovert? (based on the way you speak, look at the eyes and your overall non-verbal communication).
  • Do you have a real interest for the job? (according to your mood, level of concentrations as well as your overall attitude in an interview).
  • Does someone like you suit the working collective?
  • Can the company count with you for a long term or are you just someone who looks for a short term job?
  • Are you honest to yourself and to the others? Can you assess your own skills and abilities?
  • Many other things…


As you can see, even simple answers in a screening interview can tell a lot to a well prepared and focused recruiting consultant. Interview is not only about your verbal communication. You need also to focus on the non-verbal communication as well as on the emotions you show there.

So, that’s it. That’s the screening interview, what it consists of, what you can expect there and how to prepare for it. We hope that it helps you on your way towards a good job. It would be silly to slip up in the very first stage of selection process…