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College students celebratingIn some countries of the world, not only job seekers have to take part in an interview. When speaking about prestigious colleges or some study programs that simply are searched by a huge number of applicants, phenomenon of college interview has evolved. These interviews are not comparable to typical job interviews. Applicants for the study program have just a very little time to demonstrate their abilities and persuade the committee to give them a place. Also, generally the template with questions is used.


That’s why sometimes it is hard to make any difference there. Students simply have fifteen minutes, set of questions, and that’s it. Because of that, things like first impression, appropriate handshake, enthusiasm and some kind of charisma are even more important in college interviews when we compare it to typical job interview.

In most of the college interviews, the questions are related not to the future job you might try to get as a graduate of the college, but to other things, including:

  • The study program you are just applying for
  • Your motivation, determination, personal philosophy related to the filed of study
  • Benefits the college can gain from having you in their study program
  • Few key soft skills needed for particular field of study


Usually, if you are able to present yourself as a mature individual, who knows why he is applying for a particular course or study program, you should be okay. Just do not forget that they have to see some added value you have in comparison with other applicants. Simply they should see a reason why it makes sense for them to give you a place in the program.


In Interview Penguin, we are constantly working on development of various specific college interview tips and questions. Of course, Harvard business school interview questions are different to nursing school interview questions, simply said. At the meantime, we prepared for you the following articles (the new stuff is constantly being added):


New articles coming soon…
That’s it for now. We hope the presented lists will help you to succeed in your studies and career. If you would like to check also some work related interview questions, sections of interview questions and answers or interview questions for various jobs are for sure worth to read.

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