Demonstrating your sales skills in a role play, or showcasing your design skills directly in an interview. These are just some of the challenges you will have to deal with if you want to get a job in sales or in marketing.

We will try to help you to learn how to answer their questions, and how to convince them that you can bring an actual value to their team. This is a relatively new section at, and we will add more articles in the following months. So far you can have a look at the few that we have already prepared for you.

  • Account executive interview questions – Balancing between customer service, management, and sales, you will need to demonstrate a variety of skills in this interview.
  • Graphic design interview questions – A great job to have, and an interesting interview to go to. Learn how to prepare your work portfolio, and how to convince them that you understand what it means to be a good designer working in corporate sphere.
  • Marketing interview questions – Do you apply for an entry level job in marketing? You can expect them to test your creativeness and ideas with a couple of practical exercises. Behavioral and personal questions will help the hiring managers to create a complete picture of your abilities and skills.
  • Sales interview questions – To recruit a good salesman is more an art than a science. And it is always a risk. Job seekers find themselves in a better positions than the employers, at least if they know how to sell their own skills and ideas to them.

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