Sales interview questions

Career of a sales representatives (or a sales manager) belongs to the best jobs you can have. I have seen a few times that the best salesmen in the company earned more money than the CEO did. Basic salary, sales commissions, and benefits make sales a truly rewarding field of employment–if you are good at it.

But how to get this job in an interview? You will have to demonstrate a few things while answering our questions:

  • First and foremost, your sales skills
  • The understanding of the business niche, the customers, their needs and desires
  • The understanding of (and ideally also your preference for) the product or service you’d sell


Do you have a salesman in you?

To be honest, interviews for sales jobs belong to the most difficult interviews, for one simple reason: it is hard to convince the recruiters of your sales skills, unless you really have them.

If you apply for a supervisory job, a manual labor, or perhaps for an IT position, you can sometimes convince the interviewers to hire you, even if you do not know much about the field.

But in sales interview, when the deciding factor is the role play, it is impossible to pretend anything. Either you have the sales skills, or you don’t…

List of most common questions for the interview

  • What features and benefits of our product will you present to the customers when pitching them?
  • Your task is to locate hundred potential customers on a new market. How will you proceed?
  • What are the most common objections you face as a sales person?
  • How do you move forward after a series of rejections?
  • How do you feel about cold calling? Do you have any experience with cold calls?
  • Do you prefer to be paid on a commission basis, or to get a fixed salary each month?
  • What do you consider the best deal you have ever closed in your life?
  • Can you tell me how your ability to sell things and ideas helped you in your personal life?
  • How would you ensure to meet your sales targets every month?
  • Try to sell me this mobile phone/pen (any other object they have on their table).

Apart from these questions, we will ask you also a few behavioral questions, trying to understand your attitude to various situations that happen on the workplace.

Behavioral questions, role play, what matters?

The way you walk, talk, the way you shake hands with us, and act in an interview–it all tells us something about your personality. Nonetheless, the last question (the role play, when we ask you to sell us something) is the most important question in every sales interview.

Do you ask us the right questions? Can you spot the benefits of the product? Do you know how to proceed in a good sales talk?

We observe all of that while you try to sell us a simple item, such as a pen, a notepad, or a mobile phone. Either you convince us of your skills, or we will hire someone else.

If you are not sure how you’d proceed in a role play, consider enrolling in a sales training course.

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