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People negotiating salary after the offer has been madeNot many people know how to negotiate salary effectively. On this page, we will outline several salary negotiation tactics that proved to be very successful. You can then choose the one which suits best your personality, preferences and the situation in the company. To negotiate better salary should be not any problem anymore.

Anyway, first thing to remember before you even start to think about some salary negotiation tactics is to always negotiate the salary just after the employment offer has been presented to you. There are countless job seekers who ask about the salary within first five minutes while meeting the employer. Needless to say, such people rarely succeed.


Statistics salary negotiation tactics

If you are a man of numbers and like to do things according to the statistics, this strategy can be the right one for you. It consists in gathering as much information that should back up your salary claims as possible. What is the average salary of workers performing the same job as you are applying for? How much do people with your degree and experience earn in average?

Such information can be easily found online nowadays. We live in an era of statistics. When it goes about money, you can be hundred percent sure that someone has already made a stats you are looking for. So just google for it, download it and do not forget to write down the resources also. The employer has to see that you did not make up the numbers before the interview.

While by some employers this technique may work pretty well (they simply pay you as much as other people like you get), by some others you are not going to make any breakthrough with it.


Value added salary negotiation tactics

If the company decided to hire you, it means that they see some added value you can bring to the company. So now it’s up to you to persuade them by facts and a little speculation, that this added value has higher price as they want to pay. Think carefully what all you can do for the comapny. How much money can you bring in in sales? How could your team improve the prosperity of the company? How can the company benefit from your previous experiences?

Just think about it. You know the best what you have done in the past and what are you capable of. If you present it the right way to the employer, he will understand that they simply must hire you, doesn’t matter if the price will be few hundred dollars more monthly as they expected. If there is a clever boss in the company, this technique will work all the time. Regretfully, not all the bosses are clever…


Emotional salary negotiation tactics

For some people, rational facts just do not work. Some bosses are extremely emotional. You can bring them hundreds of proves why should you get better salary as they are offering you, but it will not move with them at all. For these types of personalities, emotional salary negotiation tactics work the best. And how to use them?

Well, be emotional. Once the offer was made and you are negotiating (doesn’t matter if by using a letter or personally), speak honestly about how much you would love to work for this company. How nice it would be to work with this person who just interviewed you and how nice the whole company is. Do not forget to mention, how great it would be to bring all your knowledge and experience there and how this would make lives of all of us better!

After be quiet for a while and sadly mention, that you can not do it for the salary. Briefly mention any reason you would like to, like huge personal expenses or maybe you need to support your kids at the college, etc. For some bosses, especially the women, emotional salary negotiation tactics work really well. Give it a shot if you feel like it could do the trick…

These were three main salary negotiation tactics. You can try to mix them up, or simply choose the one that suits your situation. To learn even more about salary negotiation do not forget to check salary negotiations tips, how to negotiate salary or other pages related to salary negotiation on our website.

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