A man holds many bank notes in his right hand, gesticulating with his left hand, suggesting everything's all rightMany companies will ask you to include salary history on your job application. Though not the most ethical practice, you can do nothing but follow their directives (unless you want to risk that they won’t invite you for an interview).

You can either include it directly on your resume (at the end of the document), or you can create a separate page for the salary history.

We prepared for you a standard template as well as some more creative forms of demonstrating how much you have earned in various stages of your career.

Before you start to copy, paste, and enter information into our layout, try to remember a couple of things:

  • You should be honest. Your past salaries have nothing to do with the salary you can get in your new job. It is not uncommon that someone who was earning $30,000 one year ago earns $50,000 now. The same thing can happen to you.
  • Employers should feel that the salary is not the most important thing for you. You should somehow mention it either on your cover letter, or on your resume.

Let’s progress the the templates :).

Samples – feel free to use them

Template of a simple salary history list, attached to your job application

Your Name
Your Address
Your Cell Phone Number
Your Email

Salary History

Position 1 (the most recent)
Name of the employer (address or website can be included)
Annual Salary

Position 2
Name of the employer
Annual salary


Martin Jones
3333/222 Kensignton Road,
12021 New York City, NY

Salary history

Marketing Manager
ATCT Ltd. (atctltd.com)
12/3/08 – Present
Annual Salary: $45,000


This is the most simple salary history template that provides the employer with all information they need. However, if you want to be more creative, or if you are applying for a position where attention to detail matters, you can use a different template, sharing more details with the employer. For example:

Marketing Manager
ATCT Ltd. (atctltd.com)
12/3/08 – Present
Starting annual salary: $38,000
Current annual salary: $45,000
Reason for raise: Achievements in marketing department
Reference: Martin Eagelson, Marketing Director, 0029339293


A young job applicant works on his salary history in a nice cafeteria. We can see other chairs and a city behind the window, but we can see no other guests.Mentioning salary directly on the resume

Some job seekers prefer to include information about their salaries directly on their resume, in the working experience section. However, we do not recommend you to follow this procedure.

It may give them the false impression that salary is the most important thing for you, and therefore you mention it on your resume (so the employers can see how much you earned and they won’t offer you less).

As a rule of a thumb, avoid talking (or writing) about your salary, unless they explicitly ask you to do that…

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