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Theory says that it is important to also ask questions in the interview. While doing so, you are presenting your interest for the job and also showing that you listen to the words of the recruiters. Anyway, not all the questions will improve your chances of getting a job

You should not forget that recruiters are there to lead the interview, not you. Asking too many questions, especially in the early stages of an interview, would be a big mistake. It is an unwritten rule that you should firstly let the recruiters to find out as much as they want about you, and just then there is your turn to pick the right questions and lead the discussion for a while. So let’s have a look at some questions you can definitely use:


List of good questions to ask during an interview

  • What are the goals of your company in the close future?
  • Can you tell me something more about the vision and philosophy of your company?
  • Can you tell me something about company culture?
  • What are the future steps of recruiting process?


These sort of general questions are good to ask. Interviewers (and doesn’t matter if it goes about employers or recruiters) love to talk about the goals, philosophy, but also about the culture of the company. So do not hesitate to ask them about it. That are but also some points you should rather avoid:


Several bad questions to ask during an interview

Can you tell me something more about the offer?
What interviewer will think: Can’t you read the job description? Or are you here just because there is nothing in TV to watch?
Do not ask general questions about the offer. You should know the offer once you are in the interview. If you want to ask something about the offer, give specific questions.

Were there any good candidates before me?
What interviewer will think: Are you kidding me? You are choosing the employee or I am? For sure there were better applicants. Those who did not ask such stupid questions.

Can you tell me something more about my potential colleagues?
What interviewer may think: Well, good that you asked this. Now I realized you are too old for our team.
Can you see that? You has just draw the attention of the interviewer to something that hurts you…


Good and bad questions depend on the context of an interview

There are definitely many more good and bad questions you can pick. But there is one form of questions that is the best by far – questions to the point. Job interview is a discussion. If you listen carefully to the recruiter, you should be able to spot the moment when a specific question to evolve the discussion is appropriate .

Questions to the point are definitely the best questions to ask the employers. In case you are not able to identify the right time for such a question, you can use some general questions from our list. Good luck in your job interview!

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