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Quality assurance (QA) is quite a well paid job everywhere in the world. If you are planning to make a career in this in this interesting area, you should have a look at some QA interview questions and answers.

Logically, recruiters will test you from two point of view. First one is your theoretical knowledge about quality assurance and quality testing. Secondly they will try to recognize if you posses the right set of abilities and skills for a QA tester.

What abilities do I speak about? A great quality tester should:

  • Pay strongly attention to detail
  • Have good communication skills
  • Ready and happy about repetitive work
  • Responsible


List of QA interview questions and answers

Let’s have a look at some questions recruiters will ask you in your interview to check both your knowledge in the area and your abilities.

Question 1: Name main steps of typical quality assurance processes.
Answer: The main steps are strongly dependent on the object of testing and main aim of testing. However, we can outline similar general phases that apply in every qa:

  • test of quality of all the processes
  • report of mistakesdesign of improvements
  • implementation of improvements
  • new testing of quality of all the processes
  • …. and so on. QA is a never ending process.

Question 2: What is six sigma level of quality?
Answer: Six sigma level of quality means that the probability of failure is confined to six sds on the normal distribution function. In practical usage it means that the chance of failure is less than 1:million.

Question 3: What is ISO 17025?
Answer: It is an international standard that clarifies ten technical and fifteen managerial requirements for the competence of carry out quality tests.

Question 4: What are the qualities of a great QA engineer from your point of view?
Answer: A great QA engineer should be able to verify, detect, prevent and reflect on the level of quality of the object he is testing. To be able to do so, he or she should have real attention to details, ability to focus and think systematically, but also analytically.

Question 5: Which testing types do you know?
Answer: It is good to give some examples here, and mention also the types of testing you consider suitable for the company where you are just being interviewed. Here is a list of few testing types:

  • Acceptance testing
  • Ad Hoc Testing
  • Software testing
  • Compatibility testing
  • Cloud testing
  • Black box testing
  • Risk Based testing
  • Requirements testing

However, you should mention just such types of testing you are able to describe and name advantages of. You do not want to look like a nerd when we speak about QA interview questions and answers, do you?

Question 6: How would you test a vending machine?
Answer: This the legendary QA interview question. To let it be the way, we will not tell you the answer. Now try to figure it out by yourself.
So, these were some QA interview questions and answers. We hope it will help you to do better during your qa interview. Just do not forget to stay calm and present yourself in the right shape. Good luck!

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