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“I want to work at Google”. Who of us have not had this thought at least once? There are definitely some companies with a great reputation amongst job seekers. These companies attract huge attention on the employment market and received thousands of job applications every single week.

To have any chance of getting a job in one these companies, you either need to be an exceptional talent, or have a relative working there, or simply be exceptionally well prepared for an interview. To be honest, you will need all of the above mentioned in the majority of cases, so tough the competition out there is.

We can hardly help you with your talent and education, as well as with the friend or relative working for your dream employer already. However, the following articles will help you to understand better the interviewing process in some well known companies and give you some unique tips how to get a job there.

  • Google Interview Questions – Google is without a doubt one of the dream places to work (not only because of an exceptional salary). Find out the truth and the myths about their interviewing processes. Get a job at Google!
  • Microsoft Interview Questions – Microsoft is a very popular place to work, both for classical employees and interns. Find out more about some typical questions you can get only at Microsoft.
  • Walmart Interview Questions – Walmart is number one in number of people employed on the US market. It’s a good company with a nice vision. Feel free to learn more about the interview process used at Walmart.
  • How to Answer Interview Questions – Once you apply for a job in a company of a sound name, you will need to have an extra knowledge. You need to know also How to answer interview questions, not only what to answer. Learn more about this difference and ace your interview.
  • Talent Plus Interview Questions – We all know Talent Plus and their fast paced and sometimes even cruel phone interviews. Learn what to expect there and how to handle this tough challenge.
  • Interviewee Questions – In an interview for a position at a reputable company, you can not afford to ask the wrong questions. Find out what are the correct questions to ask an employer as well as how to make a right impression there.
  • Bad Job Interview – There exists also a very bad job interview. You should be able to distinguish one, doesn’t matter in what company you apply for a job. If you are an employer, you should read this article to avoid leading a bad interview in your company.

In the close future, we will add new articles about interview questions at Goldman Sachs as well as McDonald’s and other famous companies. If you would like us to contact our connections in a company of your choice to prepare a list of questions used there in an interview, feel free to contact us with your suggestions. Thank you.

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